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Ep. 416: Take Your Business Foundation to the Next Level Now! with Ali Katz (Amy Ahlers Show)

Today’s show is especially for entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether you’re just starting out with a side hustle or have a multi-million dollar business, this show is a MUST LISTEN! I invited my friend, coach, law consultant and colleague, Ali Katz, to share the most important things we MUST focus on to grow our businesses and minimize our tax liabilities before the end of the year.

Listen in and explore: 

  • Why so many women business owners avoid talking about foundational business things like legal, insurance, finances and taxes
  • How to make decisions for where you’re going in your business vs. where you are
  • The dirty little secret online business folks don’t talk about when it comes to their big launches and inflated numbers

On the show, Ali also offered all of my listeners her Business Foundation Blueprint for FREE! I highly recommend you receive your copy and fill out the blueprint and then attend Ali’s upcoming masterclass to go deeper.

>>Go here: to get your copy now!<<

Cheers to ending 2020 with a solid business foundation in place so we can soar into 2021 with vision, clarity and inspiration!

With Unstoppable Enthusiasm,

More about Ali: 

Before supporting coaches, practitioners, advisors, creatives and service based entrepreneurs with establishing legal, insurance, financial and tax systems in their businesses, Ali was a lawyer who graduated first in her class from Georgetown Law. After building and selling her own 7 figure law practice, Ali built two million-dollar businesses before giving up on business due to over $1M in mistakes that could have easily been avoided had she known what you’ll learn in the LIFT Business Foundation Blueprint.

Ali learned from these mistakes, and was able to rebuild as a result, taking her business from inconsistent income to a consistent $5.5M in revenue (half of that recurring), and a $15.75M valuation.

Today, Ali is a go-to advisor for industry leaders (including many other lawyers and advisors). She is sharing her mistakes and the lessons with you so you can trust your own business foundations to support you with your next right income model, consistent income you can count on, and the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems to support you, at your stage of life and business.


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