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Ep. 405: Diversity and Difficult Conversations with Desiree Adaway (Amy Ahlers Show)


For today’s show, the fantastic Desiree Adaway joins us to help us all learn more about how to celebrate diversity. Desiree is a consultant, trainer, coach, and speaker building resilient, equitable, and inclusive organizations. She holds a vision for people’s lives, workplaces, and communities until they can hold it for themselves. She has over 25 years of experience creating, leading, and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries.

Listen in to learn:  

  • how to become a better ally and invite the wholeness of people into your life
  • what White Supremacy is and how it’s different than racism
  • how to approach difficult conversations about race and embrace the tension
  • compelling stories about her own journey as a mom and a black woman.


Make sure to check out Desiree’s work at and her course, Whiteness at Work, that’s now enrolling. I just signed up myself so please join me!

I also highly recommend following Desiree on Facebook. Her posts are so thought-provoking and profound, they light up my day!

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