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Ep. 407: Embody Leadership Now with Nisha Moodley (Amy Ahlers Show)


How can you embody leadership right now? I brought a special guest, Nisha Moodley, to the show today to explore this important topic. Nisha is an Integrative Leadership Coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. As a mixed-race woman with a background in health & executive coaching, intergenerational & energy healing, and community building, she has a unique understanding of the ecology of leadership and the ability to catalyze deep growth for her clients.

Nisha’s been a coach for over a decade, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and nearly 50 retreats, supporting folks to liberate their leadership and weave their gifts in service of our shared vision. You can find her online at

Tune in and discover: 

  • Why we are all leaders and all followers at the same time
  • What your authentic version of leadership is
  • The importance of marginalized voices being heard and Nisha’s own experience of “othering”

Nisha has an upcoming free online workshop called Embody Your Leadership: Expand your freedom to show up with vision & devotion. Register for free at

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