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The DARN Rock in My Shoe

by Amy Ahlers

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Annabella and Me

Annabella and Me

I went on a hike the other day with my rambunctious mutt and my nearly 2 year old dynamite daughter, Annabella. About 1 minute into it, I felt a rock in my shoe. You know how it is–one of those pebble like rocks–small enough not to be so bad, but big enough to cause some discomfort. I carried on my merry way, trying not to care.

Now mind you, it would have been a total pain to stop, deal with the dog, try to balance the stroller as I shifted around on the path to get my shoe off and take the rock out. So I continued on, trying to shift my weight and walk a certain way to make the pebble go into the back corner.

All of a sudden it hit me: THIS IS CRAZY! I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE ON THIS HIKE WITH NO ROCKS IN MY SHOE! And a light bulb went off. Where else have I been tolerating things in my life? The little rocks in my shoe. So I began to make a list. Here’s a snapshot of what my Tolerations List looked like:

• Rocks in my shoes (This happens more than I care to admit on my hikes.)
• Hair that needed highlights and a good cut (On a recent blog video I even got a comment asking if one side of my hair was longer than the other. Need I say more?)
• Webpages on my website that have odd spacing (Darn WordPress glitches!)
• Comfy underwear that has holes in it (Gasp! Talk about revealing my dirty laundry…)
• Clutter, clutter everywhere (Child proofing for busy working moms=moving all things to the top shelves and mantle where little hands can’t reach!)

And I began to check the items off my list and STOP tolerating so dang much. I want to inspire you to do the same.

Tip: It is OK to delegate things on your list to others (i.e. my team of helpers included a web designer, a mom and cousin who are pros at de-cluttering, and a great hair dresser.)

Go public with your list by posting a comment here my blog (just no comments about my hair, please).





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