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Operation Freedom Joyride: Mom Gone Wild!

This past week I did something I had been dreaming of since the beginning of the pandemic. I rented a convertible, blared music and went on an adventure down the coast…all. by. myself. Radical self-care in effect.

I called it Operation Freedom Joyride!

I needed to get out of dodge and have a break from the constant barrage of:

“Mom, where’s my grammar book?”
“Mom, I’m thirsty!”
“Mom, check out this TikTok dance!”
“Mom, I don’t know how to login to this class.”

And on and on. Thank goodness I adore my daughters, but it’s a lot!

I needed to return to just being me. Amy. Woman. Soul. Human. I needed to experience my wild nature once again.

It was a combination of work and play. I got to record a new video course version of my “Secrets the Good Ole’ Boys Club Won’t Tell You: 5 Revolutionary Shifts Women Leaders Must Make Now” with an amazing production company in Santa Barbara.

And then I stayed and played by the ocean for another 2 days in a little cottage. I got to hang with my BFF Sam Bennett and some of my Los Angeles soul family came up for some socially distanced and masked walks on the beach. YES!

And, I had this toxic unrealistic expectation (big sign that an Inner Mean Girl is afoot) that I would solve every problem, have the biggest breakthroughs of my life and have clarity about everything I’m questioning in my life.

Uh. Not so fast.

As the saying goes, “No matter where you go, there you are.”

I still had about 95% of the same, repetitive thoughts I have on the regular. And I’m grateful for the 5% of new thoughts and AHAs that did show up.

Most of all, I’m deeply grateful for the people I love that I got to see. That filled me up in new and beautiful ways.

So, dearest One, how can you practice radical self-care right now? (I’m well aware of the extraordinary privilege it is to be able to leave my kiddos and get away for a few nights and that doing something like that might be out of reach.) But, where can you let your wild woman run free? How can you connect to yourself outside of all the responsibilities, obligations and turmoil in the world?

Please take good care of yourself. The world needs you.

Cheers to your wildness,




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