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Here’s your magical recording (SARK + Amy Ahlers on Creative Dreams!)

Dear One,

WOW! We want to THANK each of you for attending the glorious video class with us yesterday. We loved being with all of you inspiring souls and hearing all of your creative dreams.

Thank you so much to all of you that attended live and are listening later and also for participating so fully. You’re all so beautiFULL!


As SARK + I discussed on the call, now more than ever we need a space to experience a joyFULL life, be surrounded by compassionate love and support, express yourself creatively, find and create meaningFULL work + play and rise to challenges with resilience and strength. We all dream and aspire to have these things, and we hold ourselves back from making it REAL-because of various varieties of fear, and trying to do everything by ourselves. That’s why SARK created this Succulent Wild World online program and community. It is a passionate place for her to teach, mentor and share all that she’s learned over the last 30 years about living a dream life that’s also REAL..

SARK’s Succulent Wild World is now open! See the Succulent Invitation here and Join Today!


Since last year, she’s made the membership and program cost accessible for as many people as I possibly can. You can still join now for just $20 and cancel anytime. You can also join as an annual member for 2 payments of $85 OR 1 payment of $149– you’ll save with 4 months fabulously free!

This is the last time she’ll be offering membership at this low price, so I invite you to make the most of this offer while you can and let her grandmother you IN.

I’ve seen and experienced the miracles and creative dream living that’s happening in SARK’s Succulent Wild World.





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