It was election night 2016, and I remember watching in horror as the result became clear. I was at a party with my husband and two children, expecting to celebrate the first woman being elected President of the United States. Instead, I found myself consoling my then 9 year old, sobbing uncontrollably, asking why anyone would vote for a man that said words like, “grab them by the pussy.”

I felt their heartache, yet I had no words of comfort or wisdom I could offer. I had only my own burning question: how could this have happened?

Just a few months later, I broke down in tears of disgust at the Kavanaugh hearings, as a vile womanizer and predator was sworn in as a member of our Supreme Court and with the support of key female members of the Senate! Then witnessing the murder of more unarmed black folks at the hands of police, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, seeing children separated from their families and put in cages at the border, and white supremacists marching in the streets and storming the capital holding their heads high. Fast forward to the overturn of Roe vs Wade placing healthcare for women in jeopardy. It was all too much to bear.

I felt like I was in a hole of despair and exasperated rage, and I was completely exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally. The work that was needed just felt overwhelming.

I began pondering what I can do to be of service to such a broken world…especially as a white privileged woman.

Enough with smiling through gritted teeth and excusing bad behavior. It was time for me put a stake in the ground, begin to dismantle my own internalized patriarchy and white supremacy and rise to a new level of leadership.

I began looking at my work through a new lens and educating myself even more in anti-racism work and a new brand of inclusive feminism. I realized that my decades of work coaching women to overcome their Inner Mean Girl, plus my personal experiences as a woman, mother, business owner, realtor and speaker, wife and sister, friend and community member have all been pointing me towards supporting women as agents of social change and as activists.

The purpose of my work as a coach, author, realtor, and speaker, is to help you get out of your own way so that together, we can create a world that honors and respects all our children; a world in which there is opportunity for all, no matter a person's race, nationality, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other culturally imposed limitation.

If you share this vision, I invite you to become a member of my community.

A personal letter about Social Justice

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