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The Audacity of Creativity

I was at a charity event last month and thoroughly enjoyed a wide array of performances (including Elvis!). The highlight was a group of dancers that were doing a cowboy/cowgirl style square dance…complete with plenty of “hee haws!”  . It was a kick. The thing I enjoyed most  was that the average age was probably 55 or 65 years old. This is a group of adults that are really loving life and putting themselves out there as dancers, dreamers, and creative beings.

I was incredibly inspired by this group. They were embracing their creativity and performing no holds bar. YES! I was struck by how often we see young people (think American Idol) and kids (think dance shows and painting stations) owning their creativity and artistry and how often we can dismiss our creative impulses as adults. And yet, here before me was this group of adults shouting at the top of their lungs, “I am creative…watch me dance!”

It can feel audacious to claim that creativity. I know it has been for me to fully accept that I’m an artist on a core level. Whether I’m blogging, speaking, paying the bills, running a tele-class, playing with my daughter, on a hike with Dozer the dog, or working on my book, I am using my creative life force. And so are YOU!

You are a creative life force.

You have an inner artist waiting to come out.

How are you owning your audacious creativity?

Let me know below!

Sending you love,





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