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This Can Help Your Kids, Dear One (Video)!

Dearest One,

Picture this… you’re on a romantic date night with your sweetie. As you look across at your beloved you see a soft glow–dang you’re both looking GOOD!

Or remember the last time you went swimsuit shopping only to find that the dressing room’s fluorescent hue made you run screaming?

But what about the lighting in your child’s classroom?

Most classrooms have that traditional fluorescent lighting that has loads of issues: flickering (which can cause headaches), uneven brightness, heat, and, often, bulbs that are burnt out.

It’s time for a simple solution to help our kids learn better. Something that can instantly change the mood of the classroom. That’s exactly what Tunable White Lighting is. Check out this video about it:

Tunable White Lighting

Tunable White Lighting allows a teacher to “tune” the color of the light to be just right for each activity. And this impacts student behavior and performance so that lighting becomes a tool in the modern classroom.

I’m always on the lookout for simple, safe, successful ways to make the world a better place and I’m so thrilled to share Tunable White Lighting with you and your family!

With extra glow,

P.S. If this intrigues you, make sure to GO HERE, watch the video and sign up to receive a special case study about the effectiveness of Tunable White Lighting. And make sure to share this with other parents, your children’s school, the PTA etc.

I am so excited to share this with my girls’ schools too!




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