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Wake-Up Call Show: My Baby Gift to YOU!

Dearest One,

It’s time! Time for me to venture off into birthing and the newborn baby cocoon. Yep, my due date is just a few days away and I’m typing this email to you in advance, so I may have even given birth to my bundle of joy already (here’s hoping!) Make sure you like my Facebook page to stay tuned to the latest and greatest of the baby news.  And I promise I’ll send a pic in an upcoming email too. 🙂

Here’s a video I made for you all about it. Complete with showing off the baby belly and a dance break to a very special labor themed song!

This all means that I’m taking the next few months off to be Mama Bear.

So I got to thinking…how can I continue to be of service to YOU? How can I continue to spread my Stop Being So Hard On Yourself and You Matter Messages? Reminding you to cultivate the courage to act on your Inner Wisdom?

And then it came to me one night in a dream…I can re-launch and gift my favorite all time Exposing the Big Fat Lies summit recordings to you, my amazing community for a full 12+ weeks while I’m out on maternity leave.  Yippee!

Over the next 12 weeks + each Wake-Up Call Wednesday, you’ll be gifted with some of the most brilliant thought-leaders giving you their step-by-step best insights into ending the pain of self-sabotage and discovering the pure joy of self-love.

So today marks the beginning of doing just that.

I’m SO EXCITED to gift you with two recordings to kick it off. This week’s featured audios are on the top of Big Fat Lies about Worth with my heroes, mentors and friends SARK and Lisa Nichols.

GO HERE to sign up to listen to this series!

You’re Going to Love Week One:

  • Learn the TRUTH about how to activate your Inner Wisdom, or “Inner Wise Self” as SARK calls her…you’ll love this fabulous tool!

    What are the Top Six Big Fat Lies SARK has seen in her work over and over again? (You are SO not alone!)

  • Lisa reveals how she went from being a single mom on welfare to a multimillionaire…and the Big Fat Lies she had to overcome to do it

  • The Big Fat Lies SARK and Lisa still grapple with…totally shocking!

  • And you’ll just love hearing SARK talk about farts…YES you will laugh!!

  • PLUS Lisa will have your eyes brimming with tears as she inspires you to live your true calling.

About Succulent SARK:

sarkSARK – Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – is a best-selling author and artist, with sixteen titles in print and well over two million books sold, including the national bestsellers Succulent Wild Woman, Bodacious Book of Succulence, Eat Mangoes Naked, Prosperity Pie and Fabulous Friendship Festival. SARK is one of the featured trailblazers in the critically acclaimed PBS Series, “Women of Wisdom and Power”. An acclaimed speaker and teacher, she has been teaching and leading workshops for over twenty years. Ohhhh and she also wrote the foreword for Amy’s book (a dream come true and full circle moment for Amy!)

About Lovely Lisa:wakeupcall-aujwpkrhcvllbzbxdcfdmandbrzcaasu-v2

Lisa Nichols is the best-selling author of No Matter What! and has appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Extra,” “Larry King Live” and on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning show, “Starting Over.” Lisa has transformed her life from struggling single mom to a motivational millionaire entrepreneur, and she has dedicated her life to teaching others how to do the same.

 Go here to sign up!

Exposing the Big Fat Lies Summit Maternity Miracle
Re-Launch Overview!

Here’s how this special re-launch is going to work:

During Amy’s maternity leave in March, April and May, you’ll receive an email update each Wake-Up Call Wednesday with a direct link to our Virtual Event Room where you’ll be able to listen to the week’s seminars.

Each week Amy has chosen a specific recording that you can access for FREE all week long with an incredible luminary who will share their hands-on techniques & strategies for ditching those Big Fat Lies.


The broadcasts will be available for free for one week only. The reason we’ve structured the event this way is to make it possible for everyone to access the information, regardless of time zone or financial resources. And we want to make sure you actually listen to the audio and if we just gave it to ya, it might end up collecting dust on your desktop!

If you can’t make it to the live session or listen within the one week window–don’t worry.

You also have the opportunity to purchase one of our upgrade packages where you’ll be able to download the MP3’s or order the physical CD’s and receive additional bonuses including a companion workbook.

We encourage you to consider our upgrade options if you feel that:

  • You want access to all the audios, not just the ones Amy’s chosen to highlight

  • You’re worried that you might miss a recording during the week (we know you’re busy!)…

  • You need to be able to download the audios to your iPod or MP3 player…

  • You want to be able to access the recordings over and over again to maximize your learning…

  • You like to listen to inspirational materials while driving, at the gym or while on a walk or a run…

  • You’d prefer to read the transcript of the audios…

  • Or you want to get The Step-By-Step Toolkit that walks you through the Powerful Questions on each audio…

Please note that once Amy is back from maternity leave, the upgrade packages will be increasing in price.

I hope that you enjoy all of these tasty audios. Even if you joined me back in 2011 when I originally did the series, I hope you’ll find a reminder of these calls inspiring. Re-listen & soak in the love.

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. Oh and I have an AMAZING new book to tell you about!

It’s from Visionary Ignition Switch student superstar, Chris Grosso.

In Chris Grosso’s new book Indie Spiritualist, he offers us his heart, blending ideas of individuality and spirituality in a way that is selfless, easy to read, and inspiring. His writing is truly fresh inspiration for the new generation of truth seekers, as well as those already established on a path.

GO HERE to check out this incredible book!

“Indie Spiritualist guides readers to greater awareness and love for themselves and others.” — Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now

“You awaken your True spirit by way of the broken heart: ragged, vulnerable, fierce and finally compassionate. Chris trod this rough way and shows honestly how it can be done.” — Jack Kornfield, bestselling author of A Path With Heart

P.P.S.  Please Share This FREE, REVOLUTIONARY Summit With Your Friends!

I know that you have at least ONE beautiful friend who is being waaaay too hard on herself and could use the information in this Summit… won’t you do her a favor and share this with her?

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