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The Wake-Up Call Show: Have you heard of the Enneagram? (Video)

Dearest One,

When I first encountered the Enneagram years ago I admit I was a bit skeptical and annoyed. I mean, haven’t we all taken enough personality tests for a lifetime that try to label us and trap us? 🙂

But when I REALLY began to understand the power and depth of the Enneagram and how it gives us insight into the truth of who we are and how we can evolve to become our best selves, I was HOOKED.

(Want to know or confirm your Enneagram type? Take the free assessment here.)

Knowing that I’m a Seven on the Enneagram has helped me come to terms with myself and my tendencies, my fears and my dreams, my gifts and my growth edges. I want all of you to discover (or re-discover) the Enneagram power, right here and right now.

So I invited my good friend and colleague, Ben Saltzman, to do a very special training video class for my community. Check out this insightful video here:

Ben has been combining the power of the Enneagram with Shadow/Light integration work with unbelievable results. He is so full of love, wisdom & positive energy (a fellow Seven to be sure!). You’re going to LOVE HIM!

And make sure to take a moment to take Ben’s Enneagram assessment to find out or confirm what your type is. It is super, duper potent!

With unstoppable enthusiasm and great love,

P.S. I am also going to be on Ben’s stage at his upcoming event this June called RISE UP where we will be exploring the Enneagram, Shadow/Light Integration and Entrepreneurship. It is going to be off the hook FUN. Wanna join us?

GO HERE for the RISE UP scoop.



mama truth retreat

Wanna come to Hawaii with me and a small circle of soulful mamas? We are going to swim with wild dolphins, dance hula, do sacred ritual, release patterns, dream and create and SO MUCH MORE!

GO HERE ( for all the divine details.


~Calling All Healers/Health Care Providers~

Dr Lissa WHMI

As a faculty member of Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Whole Health Medicine Institute, I wanted to invite health care providers to discover more about this awesome certification program related to elevating consciousness in health care.

GO HERE to learn more about the Whole Health Medicine Institute, where Lissa integrates medicine, spirituality and heal the healer inner work.




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