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The Wake-Up Call Show: Permission Granted!

Dearest One,

You are hereby granted permission…

Permission to be fully yourself.Permission

Permission to shine.

Permission to feel all your feelings.

Permission to fulfill on your deepest calling.

Permission to say NO when you want to.

Permission to do what feels truly aligned for you.

Permission to STOP comparing yourself to others.

Permission to create boundaries that serve you.

Permission to live out loud.

So guess what? You can stop asking for permission now. It is given.

Let me know how it goes here (below), OK?

With love,

There are two kick ass series that I’m delighted to be a part of that are a hallmark of ditching permission and stepping into greatness. I know you’re going to LOVE:

One of my dearest friends, the extraordinary Shiloh Sophia, has created something that will knock your socks off; Power Creatives TV.

Power creatives are edge dancers. Pattern makers and breakers. Mystics and Muses. We are nonconformists and artists. Poets & Entrepreneurs.

Between the worlds, we are creating alternate realities in which we create our lives, our work, our worlds. Business is not as usual.

Gatherings of great minds and hearts can shape the future. We are Torchbearers and the fire from our hearts blazes the trail. Be warned. This may be hot to the touch and contents usually shift during flight.

The Alchemical Cafes will take you to the edge of the comfort zone and invite you into the flames of transformation!

>>GO HERE to join Power Creatives TV! <<

GoddessTalkSessions Peacock Woman

I’ve also stepped into the circle for the Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event!

Join me for two weeks of Divinely Feminine Wisdom & over Thousands in love offerings from 16 of today’s leading female visionaries who are on a mission to inspire, empower and transform women’s lives around the world! Want to learn the secrets of walking in beauty?

>>Register Now for the Goddess Talk Sessions<<




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