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100 Days and Counting…

I had a solid morning practice and sacred start ritual for years. And then the terrible awful happened during the pandemic with a family health crisis and it all went out the window.

Once we were through the worst of it, I craved getting back to my practice. But I had the hardest time getting it consistent. It became a SHOULD and I began shoulding all over myself. SIGH.

I knew that starting my day in communion with my Inner Wisdom would be a gamechanger, and yet the resistance was real. Human beings are so fascinating! We know things that will make a huge positive difference in our wild and precious lives and then we don’t act on it.

I see it all the time with my coaching clients, and even with my real estate clients.

Accountability makes a huge difference so tracking the days helped me, as did having an accountability buddy do a 30 day experiment with me to get our mornings started with presence and intention. I continued on from there.

I’m grateful to report that I recently hit Day 100 of consistently doing my morning practice!! WOOT!

My ritual is to mediate, journal, and say my affirmations. And it feels sooo good.


So, what is the delicious habit that you know would make a positive difference in YOUR life?

Here’s a few tips and inquiries to get your juices flowing:

  • What habit have you had in the past that made a huge differnce that you somehow STOPPED doing?
  • What habit does your Inner Wisdom know would make a difference?
  • Talk to a person you admire and ask them what their favorite daily/weekly habit is and see if it resonates.
  • Ask your body what is needs from you to feel alive and vibrant.
  • Ask your soul what habit it wishes you’d begin.
  • What is the habit you already have in place that you can amplify or level up?

Here’s some delicious habit ideas: meditating, exercising, fueling your body with foods that love you back, journaling, EFT/Tapping, affirmations, making your bed, creating/doing your artwork, reading for pleasure, etc.

Have something in mind? Awesome!

Now decide to do a 30-day experiment to see what difference instilling this habit makes in your life.

Mark Day 1 on your calendar or journal and begin.

Getting an accountability buddy, coach, therapist, healer etc. can make all the difference. Who can you support your new habit?

I’d love to know what your experiment is. Hit reply so I can hold the vision with you!

Cheering you on,




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