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You’re an unreliable narrator

What story are you telling yourself? I’m willing to bet that you are creating some narratives that don’t serve you. In fact, I suspect you are an unreliable narrator telling yourself all sort of lies.

I made a 2 1/2 minute video just for you!



I want you to create narratives that serve you and your brightest contribution.

If you’d like to explore having me by your side as your Life and Leadership Coach so that you fully embrace what a badass you are, go here to fill out the Private Coaching application now.

I’m only taking on a few additional private clients this year! Is one of those spots for you?

Sending you a new story that truly serves you,


What about real estate?

2023 has proven to be a wild time in real estate! I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to serve amazing clients and recently closed my sixth transaction. WOOT!

Here’s a couple of testimonials about my work as a Holistic Realtor:

“It’s clear within minutes of meeting Amy Ahlers that she is exactly the person you want to entrust to help you find your new home. Amy’s combination of intimate knowledge of the market, attention and compassion for your unique needs, and heart and hustle to find the right home for you is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. My family’s specific needs for our home were by any measure complex. Amy met us where we were, led the way, and brought our search for a new house all the way home. I could not feel more lucky to have found Amy Ahlers.”

Larry Smith

“Amy is the best! She helped us find an incredible home in a very competitive market. She’s knowledgeable, professional, strategic and empathetic. We felt heard and cared for during the entire process. I highly recommend her!”

-Jill Wesley

I’d be honored to help you with your real estate needs. Go here to book a complimentary Real Estate consultation.




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