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Turn up the volume on RECEIVING!

Join Amy with her daughter, Annabella, in celebrating the joy of receiving.

Let us know how you will practice receiving this month with your comments below. We’d LOVE to hear from you (Annabella too!)



  1. Margaret says:

    So true, thank you for the reminding

  2. I love this and you are sooooo right! From compliments and kudos to love and even it’s sexual expressions, women can be really challenged when it comes to receiving. I’ve written on this subject and always refer to children as the MODEL for receiving. They naturally and enthusiastically say YES to receiving! We can learn so much from them! Give a kid a compliment and she’s not going to invalidate it, she’s going to look you in the eye and say, “I know.” HA! 🙂
    I’ve also come to realize, in my own life and experience, how important receiving is as part of the whole energy exchange system we live in. If we give and don’t receive we actually create a clog in that flow, creating dischord in an otherwise beautiful stream of energy.
    I hope women hear your message!! And congratulations on your award, I hope you believe you deserved it!

    • Amy Ahlers says:

      Thanks so much, Elizabeth. I hear you and know it…I love seeing Annabella receive a compliment. It just fills me up with inspiration.

      And yes, I do believe I deserved that award and I received it from total humility and joy.


  3. Dr. Ni says:

    Thank you so much for reminding us to receive!!! I will be attending an employment symposium Thursday and Friday of this week and at said symposium two of my books will be silently auctioned and two of them will be on display for people to purchase. The organizers of the symposium are making copies of a flyer I put together listing all of my (11) titles and a brief description with the price of each title; they are also creating an order form for me as well. Talk about a lot to receive! My admission to the symposium is paid for and the one person I have been dealing with laughs at all of my jokes. I just took a moment today after viewing your video and thought–wow, Dr. Ni; take some time to receive!!!! This is going to be a great event! Thank you, Amy, for reminding me. And brava for having such a beautiful and happy daughter. 🙂

  4. Kerry S says:

    Woo… I had just flipped back over to email from some journaling and after watching this video, I went back to my journal.

    Then the light dawned. Your video prompted me to receive and appreciate some things that I hadn’t taken time to appreciate, like the pretty little garden happily perking along on my patio. Then it occurred to me that things like my garden, my environment, etc. were easy to receive from, as long as I took the time.

    On the flip side, I realized there are things I don’t feel worthy to receive, like good health and free flowing abundance. I see these as problems I’m diligently working on, but it dawned on me that to some degree, it’s not going to matter how hard I work on them. If I’m not open to receiving their gifts, I’m going to keep them away. Hard work may be involved to bring them into my life, but if my hands aren’t even open, there is no way I can receive, even if these gifts are standing right in front of me.

    • Ibrahim says:

      This is a superb site! I am lendaig a Bible Study of 40 women on Mary this year in Blacksburg, Va., and I will highly recommend their exploration of your web site. About 15 members are Korean, so I cannot wait to tell them of your translation ability! My favorite part is the saints’ commentary on Mary. I have had a friend forward me Fr Bob’s Commentary for quite a while now, and I have used it on Radio Maria programming (as I have produced a Bible Study program for them for several years). I’m excited to find the log of Father Bob’s past commentaries!

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