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Nine Powerful Questions to Lock In Success in 2011

The New Year is here and NOW is a great time to begin thinking about how you’d like your year to be. Here are nine powerful questions to ensure that you begin 2011 with enthusiasm and joy:

1. What MUST OCCUR for you to feel like 2011 has been a success? This question is a vital to ask yourself. Be brutally honest with the expectations you are carrying about this year. I want you to set yourself up for success by getting clear on what you want, at a minimum, so that you will look back on New Year’s Day 2012, feeling gratitude for the year.

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3 year old Annabella in awe of the Holiday Lights

3 year old Annabella in awe of the Holiday Lights

2. What is your dream for 2011? This question will allow you to dream about what you’d LOVE to create before the end of the year. I want you to feel giddy and gleeful.  I want you to feel as filled with awe and wonder about your year as my daughter, Annabella, did when we brought her to the Winter Wonderland Merry-Go-Round (pictured right).

Also, take notice of the difference in your answers to questions 1 and 2. Most of us have a spectrum for success. On one end we have the minimum that MUST OCCUR and on the other end there is your DREAM for the year. Make sure you are going for the gold and working towards your dream. And remember that the ENTIRE spectrum and all its outcomes are to be declared a ’success!’

3. What are you WILLING to do? Notice the word WILLING in this question. Be honest with yourself about what you want to do and are willing to do to manifest your dream.

4. Who do you need to BECOME to reach your 2011 dream? This question is powerful to examine. When you think of a person who is LIVING a dream like yours, what are the qualities, mindsets and strengths they exude? How do they differ from who you are today? The answers to these questions will help you envision who you will become in the next 365 days.

5. What are you committed to STARTING? What are the actions, beliefs, habits and thoughts you are ready to start living today? Make an action plan for success.

6. What are you committed to STOPPING? We all know there are things you must begin, but what about the actions, beliefs, habits or thoughts you need to release to make this year a success? What about your Inner Mean Girl/Inner Critic’s actions that keep you on the hamster wheel running as fast as you can, but getting nowhere. Your Inner Wisdom knows what isn’t working. List what you will release and commit right here and now to stop.

7. What is the mindset you are READY to live for the next year? Your mindset, perspective and ‘come from’ for the next 12 months will determine your success. Your mindset is the soil in which you are planting each and every dream seed. Without the proper soil, nothing will take root and grow. So be mindful of your mindset and choose an empowering one for 2011.

8. Who is your support team? You must claim a support team for yourself. Studies and history shows us that human beings thrive with support and community. So go public with your 2011 dream, vision and goals, and gather a support network.

9. What accountability structures will you implement? The American Society for Training and Development study on goal completion shows us that 95% of people achieve their goals when they have a specific accountability partner in place. Need I say more?

Please share your thoughts and answers by commenting on this article. I’d love to hear what’s inspired your and what your 2011 dream is![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



  1. Chris Minter says:

    My 2011 dream is to be filled with Gratitude, Inner Peace, and Authentic Joy!

  2. Amy Ahlers says:

    YES YES YES, Chris!!! Beautiful…and what are you WILLING to do to get to that place? Just curios…


  3. Sarah says:

    I am blocked by fear of reaching my goals. I guess it comes from fear of the unknown and feeling like I an underserving. Any advice on getting past that? Or maybe that is my goal for 2011.

    • Amy Ahlers says:


      Hello, my dear, and thanks for your patience on me replying.

      Fear is such a huge blocker that can get in the way of daring to dream for what we want. I recommend getting yourself into a quiet space, closing your eyes and talking with your Inner Wisdom about your dreams. And from that space asking her what you can do to take care of your fear.

      Personify your fear (Christine Arylo and I call it your Inner Mean Girl) as a person and cradle her like a new born babe…reassure your fear that you are both going to be OK…that 2011 is a time for you both to blossom and receive joy.

      Let me know what comes up from that process.


  4. Tara Burner says:

    AWESOME points for people to take into thought to make 2011 an inspired excellent year for themselves.

  5. nancy says:

    I am commited to make this my year of accomplishment. I am down to one credit card and I am going to be debt free in 2011. My biggest dream is to have a hot tub on my porch. I built my own redwood deck last spring for it. I know I can do this. It will be the 2nd time I am free from credit cards and the last time.
    I quit drinking, smoking after 39 years, quit drugs and bought myself a house just by having faith and allowing the universe to effortlessly bring my dreams to reality. Once I quit trying to do things myself and went into the unknown with faith and hope, miracles began to happen and are still coming to me. The unknown is where you want to be. Make a plan and send it out to the cosmos. May all of you have a blessed 2011 and may all your dreams be filled with joy….

    • valentina says:

      thank you nancy for your words, I will preserve them on my heart to face the unknown and to wait patiently for things to happen.
      I hope the universe will help you to have a beautiful hot tub full of joy and love.

    • Janis says:

      Thank You! That was beautiful and well said.

    • Amy Ahlers says:


      You are SUCH an inspiration. Beautiful!


  6. Lou Ann says:

    1) What must happen for me to be successful in 2011 is to quit my job after 20 years, however I am really scared of losing the income and comfort of familiarity. But, my dream is to be self-employed and to feel gratification and appreciation everyday by doing something that I was meant to be doing. I just don’t know what that is yet. So I feel I must create space for that to come to me so I’m not bogged down by preconceived notions.

    • Amy Ahlers says:

      Lou Ann,

      I’m sending you the SPACE to dive into your dreams and know that you will find the answers you are looking for.

      Please keep us posted.


  7. Riley says:

    Thank you! Great post, the perfect questions to ask myself as we begin 2011. I’m pulling out my journal right now!

  8. JoAnn says:

    My Dream is to stand up for myself . To keep my inner mean girl quiet for once. She has been controlling me for way to long. I have been afraid to be myself because she says that’s not good enough. I’m tired of feeling worthless. I can do this……

    • Amy Ahlers says:


      YES! You can do this. Take the time each day to connect with your Inner Wisdom–she knows your true value and worth. Spend just 5 minutes in the morning to connect with you–ask your Inner Wisdom for support each day. Make a top 10 list of the things your Inner Mean Girl says and then ask your Inner Wisdom to respond. This will help you come up with a powerful list of affirmations to do each day.

      With love,

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