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The Cutting Edge of Coaching ((Amy Ahlers Show))

Whether you’re a coach, practitioner, therapist, healer, artist or teacher, you want to help your clients experience change at a deep level. What is the cutting edge to help your clients get even better results?

I believe it’s Intentional Creativity®.

This innovative methodology brings in the power of the right brain to access knowledge, insights and creative thinking that simply cannot be accessed any other way. I believe it will be the next big thing for the entire coaching industry.

Join me as I interview world-renowned teacher, artist and painter, Shiloh Sophia, about her revolutionary Intentional Creativity methodology and how we can use it to create more impact with our clients.

The Cutting Edge of Coaching: Amy Ahlers Interviews Shiloh Sophia about how to use Intentional Creativity® with your clients

On the video call we talked about creativity as a healing tool and even did a powerful exercise called Metacognitive Drawing to give you an experience of how this all works.

After the call, I used a creative process with one of my high level coaching groups and it was amazing to see the information these women got access to!

If you’re curious or intrigued about Intentional Creativity and how to use it with your clients in private and group settings, check out Motherboard: The Intentional Creativity Method® Coaching Certification Training that Shiloh just launched. I’m the Director of Coaching for the program and am so excited to help coaches, healers, therapist and practitioners of all kinds add this tool to their tool chest. It’s powerful beyond belief!

Motherboard is closing enrollment this Monday, so make sure to check it out here and send in your application!

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