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Finding Purpose in the Pain (Race Relations Mama Truth Show Series with Erica Gordon)

Erica Gordon is the mother of 4 children and is an inspiring coach for moms with dreams. She joins Amy for this show to talk about race relations in America and how we can be a part of the solution and find purpose in the pain.

Learn more about Erica on her sites: and

  1. Donna says:

    What a great session – you are fabulous to do this series and I’ve already learned so much & been so inspired! I was pulled towards additional perspectives also while listening to some comments. There are so many people that experience prejudice – black men & women, special needs adults, young teenagers, the elderly, older women who have certain hair dye & textures cannot use hotel shampoo either, teenage boys that aren’t perfectly clean cut are pulled over late at night and profiled (white & asian too) simply because they are teenage boys, women have the same fears and go to well lit areas if pulled over in their cars nomatter their race. It can be a scary world out there!
    I am inspired by these sessions to continue the conversations of equality and celebration of differences with our children. They are truly our future. I also loved how it brought out our similarities as moms – juggling the hectic schedules, having the conversations with our kids. Well done! I know you mentioned you were a little nervous, but what great points and questions and what a great session! Congratulations ladies! I’m so glad you did this!

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