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How to be a Good Mom in 10 Easy Steps 😉

How to be a Good Mom in 10 Easy Steps
(From one overwhelmed mom doing the best she can to another)

Step One: Stop trying to be an eff’ing good mom. You will buckle under your perfectionism and unrealistic expectations. Accept yourself as you are; imperfect and amazing.

Step Two: Listen to your child(ren). Honor their individual, unique souls. They aren’t mini-me’s. They are one of a kind…just like you.

Step Three: Be present, but stop thinking you have to be there ALL THE TIME. Think quality over quantity.

Step Four: Have a full life outside of motherhood. You need good friends and orgasms and art and exercise and all that life has to offer. Your children will suffocate if they are your only focus.

Step Five: Make friends with the Great Mystery. Your children will bring you to your knees. They were designed to do exactly that. If you thought you didn’t understand how life and things work before you became a mom, hang onto your hat, because motherhood is a wild ride filled with unknowns!

Step Six: Get humble…quick. Respect that your children are your greatest teachers.

Step Seven: Be kind. Even when they are being a monster, find a way back to kindness. Especially when you lose your sh*t, find your way back to kindness. For them. And even more importantly, for yourself.

Step Eight: Don’t be a doormat. Set some boundaries and follow through. Even when, and especially when, it’s inconvenient and you’d rather be sitting on the couch hiding under a blanket with dark chocolate, your favorite show, and a martini (wine, kombucha, tea?).

Step Nine: Make space for all the feelings, yours and theirs. Anger (yep). Sadness (check). Heartbreak (doublecheck). All. Of. Them. And find the grace in that.

Step Ten: Own that you’re a good mom cause you just took the time to read this sh*t.



This is me and my kiddos. Almost 14 year old, Bee, and 7 year old, Evie. I love them something fierce.




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