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The Wake-Up Call Show: Happy Halloween Video with Bella

Dear One,

I grabbed my 5 year old, a crazy red sparkly wig and some extra sassafras for this week’s Wake-Up Call Wednesday video. Get ready to smile and feel inspired to finish 2012 strong…click below to watch it.

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I hope you have a Happy Halloween and I’m sending extra love beyond measure to all who’ve been impacted by hurricane Sandy.

With love,




P.S. Quick FINAL reminder, that the Find Your Calling program I’m honored to be co-leading with Martha Beck and Lissa Rankin closes enrollment TODAY in just a few short hours at noon PT/3pm ET.

>>Go here now to join this incredible group and awaken to your life’s purpose. I’ll see you there!<<

Post your commitment below for how YOU want to end 2012. Make this your best year ever!




  1. Kassie says:

    This year has definitely been a growing process both personally & in relationships with others. It’s been about digging deeper to become more connected & well. So, my goal to finish strong is completing my 12 week journey in the Dr. Amen Clinic’s Community site (has help me immensely with not only my brain health but physical too); because I have done so well healing & strengthening myself; I get to start dancing again! This is one of my life’s passions & it has been years since I have been able to dance. My husband has been a tremendous support, I am very blessed to be sharing life with him. Have a Happy Halloween everyone & thank you for your inspiration Amy!

  2. Rani Primmer says:

    I love this advice…with a commitment to go out of 2012 strong, going in to 2013 should be off to a good start…right? I hope! I want to end 2012 knowing that things are in place for 2013 to be completely and utterly life-changing …. in a good way – more so than this year. I want to – rephrase: I WILL – continue to build authentic relationships and speak my truth out loud….without fear and with strength in my voice.

    Thanks for this inspiring video Amy!

  3. Cindy Butler says:

    Thanks so much for your inpiring and wise words Amy…you are such a light and I’m grateful to have become aware of you. Thanks for your wishes re: what they are calling Frankenstorm Sandy around here. The devastation is shocking, and while certainly worse tragedies happen, there are many people in shock and in pain. Let’s all band together and send lots of Love and a positive vision to this region.

    Thanks also for your powerful reminder about the opportunity to end this crazy year off strong! –Too often we get caught up in over-busying ourselves through the holidays during this time of the year, and arrive at the start of the New Year exhausted & depleted. You message has inspired me NOT to take this path this year and to not put my personal growth needs on hold to make it a ‘Martha Stewart Perfect’ Halloween-Thanksgiving & Christmas!…I commit to continuing my new exercise and healthy eating routine and to finish rennovating to special places in my home…one for creating and one for meditating…It feels like an unlikely goal right now amidst all the chaos, but just thinking about even the smallest of progress brings so much Joy, that I just must think positive and move forward! ~What a gift you’ve given me today and I deeply thank you for being so sparkling & radiant! Your energy is palable. I’m participating in your currrent ‘Finding Your Calling’ class and it is really so powerful….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and oh yes, Happy Halloween to you and your precious daughter as well! 🙂

    • Amy Ahlers says:

      Dearest Cindy,

      I’m so delighted that you are taking a STAND for no holiday craziness this year. I love it.

      And I’m honored that you’re taking part in the Find Your Calling class. “See” you in an hour for class #2.

      With love,

  4. Tricia says:

    I promise to end 2012 strong and organized. I promise to stop being such a big baby! My problems are the incompletions around me. I will take on getting complete and creating a beautiful space to live in. I will take on being grateful for good health, wealth, great friends and the most amazing precious husband! I will create time with my amazing wonderful family. I will create a new wonderful look and be proud of my self!
    With love,

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