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I am Grateful for YOU, Dear One! (Meditation + The Paradox of Today)

Dearest One,

I am grateful. So thankful for so much. And yet, I’m keenly aware of the complexities and paradox today holds for those of us living in the United States.

Here I sit on the stolen land of the Ohlone tribe in Oakland, CA. I’m so grateful that the city I live in is one of the first to give reparations to our indigenous community.

I continue to wake up even more to the truth about the history of this day and the sorrow it brings to Indigenous communities. For those of you reading who are Native American, I am sending you love as you navigate a heartbreaking day.

The paradox is that I’ve also held today in my heart as a sacred day of gratitude. As a little girl, I always loved Thanksgiving. I relished the idea of a holiday that wasn’t about consumerism and gift buying, but instead about gratitude and gathering with loved ones and breaking bread.

But, like many, I’ve learned more and more to the atrocities that are woven into the fabric of this country since its inception. So today feels deeply conflicting to my heart.

If you’re looking for how to honor today, here’s a few things I am doing, that I hope can inspire you:

Thank you for staying with me and being on this journey as I learn, un-learn and share. I appreciate you.

Today I’m thankful to be hosting a gathering of 19 of my family and chosen family. I’m deeply, deeply grateful. I hope that today you can gather safely with your loved ones, and find the nuggets of gratitude where you can.



Today I also am continuing my annual tradition of sharing my Gratitude Meditation with you. It’s a 20-minute appreciation journey complete with piano from my husband, Rob, that’s been listened to thousands of times by people from around the world.

I invite you to find a quiet, cozy spot and sink into this meditation and enjoy. CLICK HERE to listen in.

May your table be surrounded with love and may we continue to heal the many injustices in this country and the world.

With heartfelt gratitude and love,




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