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This is between YOU and YOU!


The most important relationship in life is your relationship with YOU. How’s it going? Are you cultivating an honest, loving, compassionate relationship with yourself?

I was coaching a client recently who was really struggling. I said to them, “This is between you and you. If I could heal or fix that relationship for you, I would. But I can’t. Only you can repair your relationship with yourself. It’s time to do that work.”

And this person did indeed do that work.

They found a place of deep peace and safety within themselves that can be their center, their calm in the middle of the storm, even during the toughest storms of life. It’s been powerful to witness.

Do you have a place of safety and calm within yourself that you can retreat to?

So often in life we wait for the external circumstances to change in order to be OK. But doing so places all our power outside of ourselves. And then we become a victim to life.

We end up playing the when/then game. WHEN I quit my boring job, THEN I will be happy. WHEN I find my romantic partner, THEN I will be joyful. WHEN I get the new car, THEN I can feel good about myself.

We postpone our own joy and happiness, thinking it’s an outside in game. And then when THE THING happens, we might feel a hit of joy, but it soon dissipates and leaves us going after the next THING. It’s a never-ending cycle.

The truth is that happiness is an inside out job.

Find your safe harbor inside yourself. Find the joy of being YOU and bring it with you into the world.

Take the time to treasure your relationship with yourself. Make space in your life to grow a loving, empowering relationship with yourself.

From that centered place, begin to make decisions and changes to the external world.

That is the key to true happiness.

With  love,


P.S. These past few years I’ve gotten quiet and worked on my own center and relationship with myself and my Inner Wisdom guided me to do something NEW in my work. It’s big and beautiful…and was intensely challenging to do. I’ve been working on it all year and it came to a wonderful finish line on September 20th and I’m celebrating. It’s amazing the things we can accomplish when we literally “make up our minds” and decide to go for it. Combine that with support, encouragement, coaching, therapy, love, mentorship from amazing humans, and ‘roll up yer sleeves’ hard work and you’re golden.

Stay tuned next week where I will share more about this E X P A N S I O N in my work and life and how I can be of service to you with my new skills. It’s exciting!




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