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I'm spoiled rotten!

I am feeling oh-so-spoiled! I had the pleasure of welcoming
a new private client into my practice this week and I just received
the following unsolicited testimonial from another client:

“I’ve worked with other coaches and have seen a lot of coaches in action. Amy is one of the best. She really understands the purpose and the power of the coaching relationship. I’ve often told my wife that I’ve never had another person in my life including my wife) that makes who I am so completely right. Don’t misunderstand. Amy is not a “yes” person, she knows when to challenge me, but she has an amazing (almost uncanny) ability to listen so that I find my own truth and propel my life forward. The only reason I would tell you not to work with Amy is if for some reason, you do not want to achieve the things that are most important to you.”
– Bill Giruzzi, author of A Life Worth Living

To top it all off, I’ve attracted an amazing team to help me realize
the Wake-Up Call Coaching vision. I have two fantastic designers,
an incredible IT team, and friends and family that are supporting me
to the fullest. I’m feeling the love!

So here are my questions for you:

• What are you feeling grateful for?
• Where are you spoiled rotten?
• Where do you need more support?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Hurray, Amy: Bill is telling it like it IS. You are an incredible walking treasure chest of listening, cheerleading, challenging and absolute right place to lean on.
    I am grateful for the remarkable successes I have when I am NOT putting a heroic effort forward;
    spoiled rotten by my boyfriend, Barry, who cares for me in so many ways; and
    could use loads more support to relax and take deep breaths more often.

    Big YES to you and your readers, too!

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