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Wake-Up Call Wednesday: Life Itself is a Near-Death Experience

Dear One,

This weekend I was co-leading. alongside Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Christine Arylo, the Great Work retreat. 12 Great Women fully stepped into their highest callings…it was jaw-dropping. It was so joyful to watch these women blossom.

When I’m leading an intensive like this, I find myself fully engaged in an alternative reality. It is cosmic and wild.

When I emerged on Sunday, I felt blasted by the news of the tragedy in Colorado. It was shocking & jarring. It is humbling to witness the mystery of it all and how fragile life is.

Being unable to answer the WHY questions, I turned inward to give thanks for the life that I have.

And I allow it to be a wake-up call.

In the words of Bonnie Friedman:

“Why wait for a near-death experience when life itself is a near-death experience?”

Go for your dreams.

Stop waiting.

Live big.

Give gratitude.

Breathe deep.

Be here now.

Let me know your experience and how you’re processing below.





  1. Toni says:

    We all use thought to create our realities. This young man just kept going in the wrong direction and became so immersed, he forgot to go the other way. When people do this, they are unaware of a way out, or that there IS a way out. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. I was very grateful noone I loved was involved in this senseless tragedy. I pray for his tortured mind….. there is nothing else I can say.

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