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The Wake-Up Call Show: Suffocating on Gratitude, Dear One?

Dear One,

I was coaching with one of my Inner Wisdom Golden Circle members the other day and she was telling me that things in her life were great. Awesome, right? The issue came when she told me that she felt like she didn’t have the right to want more.

Uh oh. Big Fat Lie alert!

As I talk about it in my book wanting more does NOT mean that you are ungrateful. Please don’t suffocate your desires on your gratitude darling! I made a video about it for you here:
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The key is to build your desires on your appreciation foundation. That is the ultimate state of allowing and joy.

Here’s my list of appreciations and desires:

  • I am so grateful for my gorgeous daughter AND I want another baby.
  • I appreciate how incredibly successful my business is AND I want to reach even more people..
  • I LOVE how healthy my body is AND I want to feel even more vibrant and sleek.

Get the idea? See how powerful that is?! Check out the short video I made for you (above – where it started pouring rain on me!) and then share your list of appreciations and desires below.

With gratitude and eager for more,

P.S. Thank you all so much for your kind words last week about the loss of my beloved pooch, Dozer. I feel SO blessed to have a tribe of heart centered love bugs like you!


Let me know your top 3 appreciations and desires below!




  1. Jennifer Williams says:

    I am grateful for my wonderful family AND I want even more love and happiness together.

    I am grateful for my good health AND I want to be the healthiest I can be.

    I am grateful for my well-paying job AND I am EAGER to spend more time working on my soul’s Work AND get paid very well for it!

  2. Barbara says:

    I appreciate the fact that I survived 30 years in the African bush,(what a life!!) being a single white woman immigrant from Germany, and will be even more greateful, if more time around here is given to me,

  3. Irmgard says:

    I am grateful for my growing practice and love to quadruple my income
    I am grateful for this rented apartment in the mountains and want to own my own house by December 14.
    I am grateful for being my own sovereign again and want to live a more happy, spiritual, wealthy and healthy life.

    a question: what do I have to do to connect my name with a photo?

  4. Laurene says:

    I am grateful to have a job and I want to make more money.
    I am truly grateful for my health and I want God to grant me strength to overcome being overweight.
    I am grateful for my home but I would really love a bigger home with a dream kitchen!!!!!!!!!!! I would really really love that one.

  5. Kate says:

    I am grateful that I enjoy life, and I want to enjoy it even more deeply!

    I am grateful for my wonderful one-year-old grandson (AND his terrific parents!) and I want to watch him grow and discover the world, day by day.

    I am grateful for the books I’ve had published, and I want to write more of them.

    I am grateful for the ability to make music, and I want to share it even more.

    I am grateful for our (paid-for!) house, and I want to do a better job of keeping it clean.

  6. Julie Long says:

    Hi Amy, I am grateful for finding a space of calm and joy, and I want to continue residing in this place even as my life fills with more undertakings. I almost said no to a big opportunity (Samantha’s Creative Genius CEO program) because I thought my options were either-or: Either I could keep my newfound calm & joy OR I could go for more. Luckily, I recognized the flaw in my thinking and said “YES, AND!”

    It was great hanging with you in San Diego last weekend!


  7. Julie Long says:

    P.S. A book that really helped me with the concept of gratitude AND yearning is SEVEN STEPS ON THE WRITER’S PATH. It’s a great read for anyone, not just writers. It helped me see that to desire is to be alive.

  8. Alicia says:

    I’m grateful to have the opportunity to teach kids about origami and about the passion of creating with your hands. I am eager to have more paying opportunities to do so.

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