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The 100 Day Countdown: 10 Powerful Questions to Lock In Success

We have only 100 more days before we declare 2009 complete. Ask yourself the following ten powerful questions to ensure that you end 2009 with enthusiasm and joy:

1. What MUST OCCUR for you to feel like 2009 has been a success? This question is a vital to ask yourself. Be brutally honest with the expectations you are carrying about this year. I want you to set yourself up for success by getting clear on what you want, at a minimum, so that you will look back on New Year’s Day 2010, feeling gratitude for this year.

2. What is your dream for 2009?
This question will allow you to dream about what you’d LOVE to create before the end of the year. Notice the difference in your answers to questions 1 and 2. Most of us have a spectrum for success. On one end we have the minimum that MUST OCCUR and on the other end there is your DREAM for the year. Make sure you are going for the gold and working towards your dream. And remember that the ENTIRE spectrum is to be declared “success!”

3. What are you WILLING to do? Notice the word WILLING in this question. Be honest with yourself about what you want to do and are willing to do to manifest your dream.

4. Who do you need to BECOME to reach your 2009 dream?
This question is powerful to examine. When you think of a person who is LIVING your dream, what are the qualities, mindsets and strengths they exude? How do they differ from who you are today? The answers to these questions will help you envision who you will become in the next 100 days.

5. What are you committed to STARTING? What are the actions, beliefs, habits and thoughts you are ready to start living today? Make a 100 day action plan for success.

6. What are you committed to STOPPING?
We all know there are things you must begin, but what about the actions, beliefs, habits or thoughts you need to release to make this year a success? Your Inner Wisdom knows what isn’t working. List out what you will release and commit right here and now to stop.

7. What is the mindset you are READY to live for the next 100 days? Your mindset, perspective and “come from” for the next 100 days will determine your success. Your mindset is the soil that you are planting each and every dream seed in. Without the proper soil, nothing will take root and grow. So be mindful of your mindset and choose an empowering one for the next 100 days.

8. Who is your support team? You must claim a support team for yourself. This is not optional for Wake-Up Call Coaching clients. Studies and history shows us that human beings thrive with support and community. So go public with your 100 day dream, vision and goals and gather a support network. (Need a high value, low cost support community? Check out The Women Masters Coaching Program at

9. What accountability structures will you implement?
The American Society for Training and Development study on goal completion shows us that 95% of people achieve their goals when they have a specific accountability partner in place. Need I say more?

10. How can I support you?
My vision and dream for 2009 includes helping and supporting people just like YOU to achieve and live their dreams! That is why I became a coach back in 2000 and it remains my passion and joy today. I want to coach you to success. So please contact me personally at to lock in a special private coaching rate of $700/month (a $300/month savings!) and let me support you for the next 100 days. Space is limited so reach out today!

Like the article above? Ready to go public with some of your answers? I love hearing from you. Post your comments on my blog now. Thanks!



  1. Thanks for posting this Amy. I hadn’t noticed we were so close to the end of the year.

    I really liked the support team question. I knew having one was important, but never really thought it through.

    Thanks again!

  2. Tara Shakti says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your inspiring questions! They really made me think deeply about my goals for the rest of 2009, which are:
    1) finish editing & publish my 1st book AND start writing my 2nd book! 2) have my freelance writing/editing work completely support me, 3) join a new gym and work out on a regular schedule, 4) have a daily morning spiritual practice that is automatic, 5) meet my spiritual life partner, 6) get a part in another play, and 7) join Toastmasters!

    Thanks for asking! Now I’m on fire!


  3. Amy Ahlers says:

    WAY TO GO TARA!!! I love it. I’m here to help you in any way I can. I am HOLDING that this will happen. Make sure to use gratitude statements and act AS IF they are already complete. SO INSPIRING!!!

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