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The Universe is Conspiring in Your Favor

Albert Einstein once commented that the most fundamental question we can ever ask ourselves is whether or not the universe we live in is

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Is your Universe Friendly?

Is your Universe Friendly?

friendly or hostile. He hypothesized that your answer to that question would determine your destiny.

So I ask you, what do you believe? Is the world a friendly place?  Or do you believe the world is hostile and against you?

I want this ezine to serve as a wake-up call for you consider that The Universe is conspiring in your favor and that the world is friendly place. Why? Because coming from a place of trust and faith will cause you to open up and relax – in exactly the same way that you open up and relax when you hang around with friends you love.  And once you are open and relaxed, it becomes much easier for you to attract everything that you want into your life.

When you truly understand that you are not alone, that the whole Universe is your loving friend, you will feel a sense of fun, joy and adventure in your life.

Here’s some ways to cultivate the belief in a friendly Universe:

* Begin by noticing what your current “default” attitude is. Get honest and real with yourself here – there’s nothing to be gained by pretending to be more optimistic than you are.
o Do you have a tendency to feel victimized by life?
o Do you feel like you have to FIGHT to get the things you want?
o Do you feel like you are in the flow of life?
o Do you have the feeling that you are supported by the Universe in many ways, both seen and unseen?
* Whatever your current mindset is, answer the following questions:
o What is the benefit or “pay off” of your current perspective? What do you get out of it?
o What is the cost of living in your current perspective?
* If you were to change your mindset and perspective to “The Universe Is Conspiring In My Favor,” what tired, old assumptions would you need to let go of?
* Finally, commit to living with this new perspective this week and start collecting evidence to support it.  Notice all the good, fun, friendly things that happen today. Maybe it’s something as ordinary as the way the sunlight comes through your window in the morning. Ask yourself daily:
o What happened in YOUR friendly Universe today?
o Did you find a great parking spot?
o Did the radio play a song you like?
o Did you get a smile from a stranger?
o Did you give a smile to a stranger?

It is your birthright to live a fun, inspired, supported life!



  1. Susan Roberts says:

    What a great piece! I’ve been so blessed and inspired by your Fall Wake Up Call series. I don’t think I missed one. It’s something that I look forward to every week. I just purchased your fantastic offer of $49 for your 12-week coaching series. It’s perfect for ending the old year and starting the new one.

    Thank you!

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