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This FLOORED me! (Video)

Dear One,

Every time I see a pregnant mama in the world we end up connecting in some way (yes, I have the tendency to end up in deep, truth telling conversations with moms and mamas-to-be pretty much everywhere I go–it’s the gift and cost of being a life coach for 16 years who adores serving moms!). We end up talking about how things are really going and I always, always recommend they get into a facilitated moms group so that they can connect and receive support on a deep, authentic level, from moms who are in the trenches with them.

So it FLOORED ME when a dear friend of mine searched for a group in her local area when she was about to become a mom and could not find ONE facilitated mom’s group. It was all mommy and me classes and meetups and playgroups and when she went she felt like a crazy person because she wanted to talk about her loss of identity, about her anxieties and fears. Instead she would end up with tips on how to deal with cracked nipples and what kind of diapers to use. She ended up feeling more isolated than ever.

And don’t even get me started on the harsh judgement moms can lay on (this, by the way, is often the #1 fear for moms when they are around other moms.)

I share with you on today’s video all about the loneliness and isolation of motherhood…and how to enter into a judgement free zone.

CLICK PLAY below to watch it.

I’d love to hear from you. Lean in and share your thoughts in the comments, Ok?

Holding out my hand,


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