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Wake-Up Call Wednesday: Life Lessons from my Four Year Old

When my princess with fairy wings of a daughter, Annabella (AKA Bella), turned four, I marveled at her whimsy, sense of personal style and imagination. Much like when Bella turned two and three (see my articles Life Lessons from My Three year Old and Life Lessons from my Two Year Old), the fabulous fours have been a profound teacher for me. I am learning so much about life by witnessing Bella in all her FOUR year old glory. Here are some of my favorite lessons:

· It’s OK to Ask for Space & Not Everyone Is Your Friend: Four year olds are learning so much about how to interact with others. When one of Bella’s classmates started in with the phrase “You’re not my friend anymore” my heart broke. Geez! At four years old? But then I realized that it was simply an expression of needing space.  And that is OK. And guess what?  Not everyone IS your friend…in other words, we can all get along and be kind, but we’re not best friends with everyone we meet. We don’t resonate with everyone. We gotta find our tribe. So Bella and I decided the best phrase to use was “I need some space right now.” I encourage her to trust her Inner Wisdom about who she truly resonates with and to find ways to express it that are kind and respectful. Do you ask for space when you need it? And do you allow yourself to truly be AT CHOICE with who you let into your inner circle?

· Art is Not Optional: When did we ever get the idea that art and creativity was optional? The notion that some people are artists and creative and some aren’t is a Big Fat Lie. Take a tip from my little one (and my soul sister Shiloh Sophia) and get out the paints, crayons, glitter and CREATE!

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4 year Old Annabella at her first dance recital!

· Do What Scares You: I watched with butterflies in my tummy as Bella conquered her fear on the high monkey bars. She was terrified, saying she couldn’t do it. It was too high. Too scary. We worked our way through it after lots of talking and encouragement, until she finally went for it. She let her feet swing and she got to the next bar. Phew! I was so dang proud and inspired by her. When was the last time you dared to do something that scared you?

· Painting Your Nails, Dancing & Dress Up Are So Much FUN: Uh huh. Yes. That’s right. Now throw on a boa, paint your nails done hot pink (or sparkly purple or fire red or jet black) and dance, darlin!

· Beauty is Everywhere: Bella sees beauty everywhere she goes. A feather on the lawn is a treasure. The moon showing herself on a cloudy night with a soft glow, stunning! The purple dress I throw on for dinner gets greeted with “Oh mommy…you look beauuuutiful!” Find the beauty everywhere you go!

· Hug, Cuddle and say “I Love You” as Often as Possible: This lesson still hasn’t changed… it’s only expanded. Bella still loves a big hug and snuggling up to her loved ones and saying “I love you.” She even asked me a few months ago if we could hug and count to 100. I swear those were the best 100 seconds of my life….I highly recommend it.


Your assignment, if you so choose to accept it, is to chose one of the lessons above that you’ll take on as inspiration for this week to incorporate in your life.

With unstoppable Enthusiasm,

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