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When It Feels Like Everything Sucks

Have you ever gone through a time when it felt like everything was wrong?

Like things just weren’t going your way?

When you felt like you were trapped under water in the darkness, just yearning for a way to get to the surface?

Me too!

In truth, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough spell. And my Inner Mean Girl and Inner Critic has been making this mean all sorts of things. You see, I just love to have fun. To play. To be feel like it’s a great time to be alive. That’s my message in the world, right? But what about when I don’t feel so sunny? When I’m not feeling any play or fun?

I made a little video for you to share how I’ve been coming back to the light. I’m calling it Three Tips for What to Do When It Feels Like Everything Just Sucks!

It always means so much to me and to this community when you post a comment below…so go ahead and let me know your thoughts.

And if you enjoyed this video, please feel free to share it!

With love,


P.S. Here’s that link to my new friend, Gabrielle Bernstein’s website and book trailer. You’re just going to love her and her book (if you already don’t!).



  1. Laura says:

    Hi. I was intrigued by the video. The tips seemed great. Unfortunately I didn’t understand most of the video because I was deaf. Is there a transcript available?

    • Amy Ahlers says:


      Here are the three tips:

      Tip 1: Stop Drop & Meditate: Allow yourself to ponder the higher reasons for your funk. Get quiet. And go face to face with your Higher Self.

      Tip 2: Be with the darkness: Simply BE with the negative emotions your feeling. Sit side by side with the sadness, darkness, anger whatever!

      Tip 3: Notice the Light: Even though it FEELS like everything sucks…there ARE things that are going well. What IS working? Where is the light shining bright?

      Hope that helps, Laura!

      With love,

  2. Jessie Fletcher says:

    Thank you, Amy! This is so very appropriate to hear today. I will work on your tips and try to get through the funk that I am also in. Thanks again.

  3. Sheri says:

    Thanks Amy! Great timing and great stuff! Thanks for being real and sharing with me! Sheri

  4. Anyo says:

    The darkness we are going through, time to time, has a ripple effects on the planet. We are all sensitive souls to sens all those energies that drag us down whatever the reason. yes, the darkness is necessary to appreciate the light back, the inner purpose of our life, the contract we made before coming here, we just forget sometimes because of our ego oriented. Thanks Amy to just remind us that we are here to share both our darkness and our light too!!!!

  5. isabella says:

    thank you Amy,
    I like your tips. I have been there but have not known how to successfull deal with the funk. I will use it next time.

    have a great summer

  6. Janice Rose says:

    I love the ways you turn on lights to look at the darkness!
    Isn’t it so interesting that when we do turn on the lights, everything is still the (same) in the room, but it looks so much different and it is much easier to navigate! In solid darkness,
    we go “bump” in there and sometimes, there’s even “bumper cars”
    we didn’t know about….

    Congratulations on the publication of your new book in October!
    If you do a book reading in Dallas (area), please let me know…
    I’d love to meet you and get a signed copy!

    W/Gratitude for your Honorable Journey!
    Janice Rose/

  7. Amy, I so appreciate your honesty and compassion for yourself! You are a fantastic role model for how each of us can be more compassionate for ourselves when going through a tough time. It’s hard to embrace the darkness and I, for one, would rather push it away and keep going (yet of course, I know that’s not the best course!). Thanks for the fantastic tips and gentle reminders. Congratulations on your book! Very exciting!

  8. Sylvie says:

    Thank you for sharing publicly (yikes!) about your own challenges and for looking for the golden nuggets that are surely present… even if they’re hard to see when we’re in the middle of ‘it’! Exactly what I needed to hear today!!

  9. Jane says:

    Dear Sweet Amy,
    Please wrap your arms around yourself and gently rock back and forth and repeat after me, ” I am more than just my feelings, this darkness will soon pass, birthing a new creation (the book in your case) is hard work and can be scary, however I can trust my light will not go out and will burn brightly again soon.” I loved your video. The more tools we have the better. We are all in this journey together, so helping each other be, do, and feel as best we can is the gift we have to give to our sisters. Thank you for your gifts and I hope mine is comforting.
    With love and light, Jane

  10. kimberly says:

    wow, Amy!
    just what I needed in my inbox today. I have been rockin along great and feeling happy and wonderful and then *poof* Since last night I have in a funk. perfect timing… and thank you 🙂

  11. Carol Allen says:

    Hey Amy,
    Love your vulnerability and honesty – and down-home graphics! So sweet! As a 7 in the Enneagramm, too, (sp?) I’m right there with ya… it’s been a rough summer over here, too, but these times always make us better people and more compassionate to others going through loss and pain. Thanks for shining the light on how to not “fight the river” but flow with the funkiness. It’s uncomfortable now because your book is in the birth canal and is going to be as uplifting and awesome in the world as you are, so the party is around the corner. Hugs!!!

  12. Debbie Green says:

    Thanks Amey: I’ve been signed up with you for many months and got the Masters CD’s but this is the 2nd time I’ve listened to something from you. Right on time. I have been significantly depressed for several months and only now starting to get up.Your tips are great. I have trouble with my thinking and I’m always on the losing end of my thoughts. I will tune in more often after today. Namaste

  13. Hawkwoman says:

    Hello Amy,
    This came into my inbox tonight, on one of my more challenging days where it does feel like everything sucks today. Not all of it, but too much of it. Usually I can shift my energies into a better state of feeling and being, however, sometimes it feels like I am getting really hit hard and it is all I can do to get through the day. A day of unexpected things to deal with, and tough unpleasant decisions that I have to make very soon. I wish I had been able to see your video earlier in the day…it might have helped me shift my day and it’s energy.

    I am still in the process of learning to “appreciate” (if you really can) the yucky, unpleasant circumstances and emotions, especially when I am in the middle of them. Today was especially “yucky”. I have a question for you…how does one just “be” with the yucky emotions without letting their energy take us over? I’m still trying to learn to do that.

    I do appreciate your 3 tips…thank you for sharing with us.

    Looking for the light,

  14. Kathy says:

    I LOVE your video! Just found you through a friends FB page and decided to check it out. So glad I did!! The timing for you and what you offer to us is perfect for me!!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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