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You are wild and succulent!

I want us all, including and especially YOU, to live a succulent, wild life. Even when the heartbreak of the world comes crashing in, we must find the essence of our life force and reach for our wild nature to help us get through.

So how do we do become succulent and wild?

I’ve invited one of my best friends, the succulent, wild woman herself, SARK, to tell us how to do just that.

SARK’s bestselling book. Succulent Wild Woman, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an all new edition of this wonder of a book.

When SARK first published Succulent Wild Woman in 1997, she didn’t know that this book would burst into the world in the way that it did — that it would be a catalyst for groups of Succulent Wild Women forming all over the world, and start a movement that would continue for decades!

She also couldn’t have imagined that 25 years later she would be asked to update the book and create 4 brand-new chapters of art and words for a special expanded anniversary edition!

Succulent Wild Woman is about life living and death giving, deeply grieving and wildly living and what sustains and fuels SARK, and how others can play and practice with what she calls her miracle methods- which are what she uses daily to alchemize and blend the terrible and wonderful things into a brand new healing mixture.

SARK advises that we all ask for more, more often.

Yes, even when it feels scary.

My desire is to support my dear friend SARK in sharing this work with as many succulent wild women (ALL who identify as women) and consciously loving men and non-binary folks as I can.

Grab the book, listen to the call and let’s get wild!

With love,






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