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Can you find some breakthrough joy?

I was driving with my kids the other day. The sun was shining, the music was right, and I feel an unfamiliar feeling. It crept in through the sunroof like the rays of sunshine and seemed to take hold of me. I thought to myself, “What is this feeling?”

Then it hit me…JOY. I was feeling true, unabashed joy!

Oh the joy of simple pleasures like sunshine and music and my children. I breathed in deep and let my eyes get misty. “Oh joy, how I’ve missed you!”

You see I’ve been suffocating on the tragedies and devastation in my world and the world. The terrible, awful, no good, very bad things. The war and crisis in Ukraine, global warming events, more school shootings, Roe likely being overturned… the list goes on and on.

And then the personal tragedies in my inner circle and in my own family. It’s made me want to stay in bed watching bad realty TV, shutting out it all.

Instead, I think I’ll find moments of joy and pleasure when I can and allow it to fuel me. Joy can help me with everything from getting out of bed and getting my kids off to school to simple acts of activism.

I’m wondering if you want to join me?


In the medical world they talk of breakthrough pain, but I feel like these days we need to focus on breakthrough joy.

Let the simple pleasures of being alive flood your system with unexpected joy. Feel the sunshine on your face, be truly present with a child when they laugh, take a moment to pet your beloved pet and let their sweet eyes fill you up.

Breakthrough joy is all around us. It’s waiting for you to remember to tap into it.

When you do, relish it. Savor it. Make it last. See if you can amplify the feeling by saying “YUM! Joy, I see you and feel you. Thank you.”

And then allow it to infuse your body, spirit, soul with energy to get through the next hard moment. Use it to fuel your activism in whatever ways it shows up for you. Perhaps a call to your congress person, a donation to the food bank, saying no and setting a boundary with a client or your manager, doing some volunteer work to raise money for Ukraine refugees.

Keep showing up. Keep breathing. Keep knowing all is not lost.

I believe in you.

With sprinkles of joy in my heart,





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