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The Wake-Up Call Show: Cast the Burden

Dear One,

First, thank you so much for your emails, comments and reflections from Evie’s Birth story. I always appreciate your insights and love.

For today’s Wake-Up Call Wednesday I was inspired to create a 3 minute video for you on a recent hike with my little one. (Yes, Evie Rose makes a cameo!)

In the video, I talk about the power of casting the burden and surrendering whatever is weighing you down to the The Divine. I first learned about this concept about 15 years ago when I encountered the amazing book The Game Of Life and How to Play It. This book, first published in 1925, rocked my world and taught me how empowered we are to create what we want in our lives.

In the video I also ask you to join me in setting an alarm (with an inspiring, soothing sound–I prefer angel harps!) at 1:08pm each day to remind you to “cast the burden” in your life. There is great power in being reminded every single day that you can surrender life’s stresses and burdens up to Source energy. Ahhhh…that feels good!

Won’t you join me in casting the burden, right now in this very moment? And then continuing to do so every day? Let me know that you’re IN by leaving a comment below.

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. Just imagine the power of tens of thousands of us having an alarm sounding at 1:08pm every day to remind us to cast the burden. This is going to be so much fun!\

Let me know what burden you are casting up to The Divine in this very moment and that you’re IN for setting your 1:08pm reminder in the comments below.

And make sure to share this post with your friends so they can join in.

I’ll be posting my 1:08pm burdens on my Facebook page. Join me there each day so we can share in our casting of our burdens!




  1. JoJo B says:

    I just had to share that it was exactly 1:08 PM when I read this email. Very interesting. I have also read that book and today I’m casting the burden of feeling responsible for grown siblings.

  2. Ingrid Barclay says:

    Casting your cares and burdens is biblical, therefore, it works.
    I also read The Game of Life and How to Play it. I re-read it as many times as I can.
    I also must learn to cast my cares and I will join you in setting the alarm for 1:08 to remind me.

  3. I am setting down my stress over promoting my novel, Thee River Caught Sunlight. I have felt overwhelmed by the task. I am going to try my ideas and leave it at that. There are teachers and writer friends I hope will be proud…then it is in God’s hands….

    Your post about the pain of giving birth really spoke to me as this book is being born too and that is a painful process. It is going from my drawer to readers. And even a few are important. It’s important not to scorn the small thing..

  4. Emily says:

    I’m casting the burden of having to have all the answers right now. I’m at a kind of crossroad but I’m surrendering to the process of life and offering up my confusion to the Divine.x

  5. Patricia says:

    I’m casting the burden of diabetes & insulin injections. I’m offering my burden to the Divine so that I can take the next step to perfect health.

  6. Julie says:

    I am casting the burden of being responsible for my son’s recovery. I have done everything possible and remain supportive, but ultimately it’s up to him what he does with the help provided and taking the next steps.

  7. .LInda says:

    Thanks so much, Amy, for this wonderful video (and your daughter is gorgeous!) I am with Julie in casting the burden of our responsibility for our children’s recovery. G-d bless children and parents everywhere dealing with addiction of any kind.

  8. Terri says:

    Thanks, Amy! I just set my alarm (to the tone of “illuminate”) and I’m going to let it invite me to take a sacred pause and cast my burden of drastically changing my food habits to improve my health. It’s hard – but you reminded me I don’t have to carry it!!

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