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The Wake-Up Call Show: What If You Gave Yourself a Break This Mother’s Day?

Dearest One,

I’ve been holding mamas in my heart and feeling into how hard we can be on ourselves. So I went on a run in the woods yesterday and decided to make a short video for all the mamas out there to give you permission to give yourself a break (feel free to forward to the moms you love). You’ll love this 3 minute release ritual!

I am sans makeup and a teeny bit sweaty…that’s just how this Mama rolls. Keepin it REAL!

In my Mama Truth Circle group, with myself and my mom friends, I see the pattern over and over again: we beat ourselves up for all the ways we feel we are failing as moms. Whether it’s about breast feeding or bottle feeding, screen time or sleep challenges, an ADHD diagnosis or dating, we torture ourselves, feeling like we don’t parent right or aren’t good enough.

The truth is we’re all doing the best we can.

What if you gave yourself a break as a gift this Mother’s Day? How about going easy on yourself and appreciating all you do RIGHT?

​I give you permission, mama, to celebrate what a beautiful Mom you are, right here, right now.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Let me know below how you are giving yourself permission to lighten up this mother’s day!



  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you, Amy. Happy Mother’s Day to you too. I totally agree – we’re all too hard on ourselves. Revel in all you do for your family. Look at your kids and see how great they are – how do you think they got that way? 🙂

  2. Diane says:

    Thanks for the release exercise and reminding me to get out and exercise…going for a run right now.

    Happy happy Mother’s day to the amazing YOU!

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