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The Wake-Up Call Show: You’re Always Winning the Game You’re Playing – So What’s Your 2017 Game?

Dearest One, 

I just love the perspective that we are always winning the game we’re playing. I’ve written about it before and was reminded of it by my little sister the other day. 

So I began looking at the question, “What are the games I played (and won) in 2016?” and “What are the games I want to play and win in 2017?”

I love this concept so much for many reasons! First, I love thinking of life as a game. Fun and play are huge values for me and it delights me to think about intentions and desires as games. 

Second, I know that if I don’t create space to consciously create the games I’m playing and winning, my Inner Mean Girls will take over and create some not so fun games. They’ve created really crappy games for me in the past like the “angry activist that believes the world is falling apart” game or the “struggling to create consistent revenue” game or the “exhausted, harried mom” game. Then they start collecting evidence about these yucky games. UGH! No thanks!!

So instead I’ve taken my stand and intentions for 2017 and phrased them as games. Some of my 2017 games I intend to win are: 
  • The “restoring my faith” game. 
  • The “recurring passive income” game. 
  • The “smokin hot marriage” game. 
  • The “badass runner” game.
  • The “eyes wide open with trust activist family” game.
I brought this question to the recent Mama Truth Circle tribe call. Together we broke out into partnerships and shared what games we want to play in our life and as mothers. Each of us claimed our overarching 2017 game and the motherhood game we are playing this year. It was SO JUICY!

I’d love to know what your 2017 games are! Leave me a comment (below) so I can witness you. 

With unstoppable enthusiasm, 

P.S. If you like this email you’ll love the Mama Truth Show I did about how to vision your 2017. I even created a playbook for it! It was super juicy and fun and free (no need to be a mama to enjoy the call). You can access it here. 

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I’m also delighted to share that I’ve been booked to speak at the PBWC conference at the Moscone Center. I’ll be leading an interactive lunch for PBWC members where we’ll explore Inner Mean Girls & High Achieving Women.  GO HERE for more info about this fantastic event!





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