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The Wake-Up Call Show: What if you’re always winning the game you’re playing, Dear One?

Dearest One,

Lately, I’ve been contemplating life’s big questions.  Mostly at my 4am nursing sessions with Evie, when the house is still and the oxytocin is flowing and I’m half asleep in dreaminess.

I’m lucky – I get to commune with other folks who also spend time contemplating life’s big questions.  People, like you, that are interested in living on purpose, having meaning in their lives and fulfilling their potential.Winning

One of the questions that recently hit me in the solar plexus, leaving me examining everything in my life, is a framework I was reminded of recently by fellow coach, Stacey Morgenstern. It’s a doozy!

What if you’re always winning the game you’re playing?

You know – in life.

See, I do believe that we get to take responsibility for our lives – for the way we experience our lives.  And I do believe that the universe is conspiring for us to win.  So then, it makes sense that we are always winning the game we are playing!

But if that’s all true, why do we create games that we really DON’T WANT to play? It can be all too easy to go unconscious and go on auto-pilot, letting our Inner Mean Girls/ Inner Critics, our past or even society to chose our games.

But I believe with all my heart that we can transform the game we’re playing when we commit to doing so.

Here are some of the games I used to play that I’ve successfully transformed:

  • The “I have to do it all myself” game has been transformed to the “I have a kick ass team that supports me and my work” game.
  • The “I am a struggling entrepreneur that never has enough money to get ahead” game has been transformed ot the “I have amazing streams of income and abundance” game.
  • The “I have to chose between my family’s needs and my callings needs” game has been transformed to the “When I’m in service to my family, I’m in service to the world and when I’m in service to the world, I’m in service to my family” game.

What are some of the games you’ve transformed? Let me know below.

So that brings up the next questions – What games do you WANT to be playing? And what’s the game you’re ready quit altogether?

For me, I’m currently transforming the “I struggle with my weight” game and the “I have to work really hard to create money” game.

What about you?

Now, I’m not trying to bring on an Inner Mean Girl attack!   This isn’t about blame and shame – it’s about getting clear about what you want in life, what’s holding you back, and most importantly, what shifts do you need to make to truly manifest your heart’s desires…to create a GAME YOU LOVE PLAYING?

When we start to get honest with ourselves about the game we are really playing, we start to have the power to shift – and to begin to manifest what we do want, instead of UNmagical manifestations. How cool is that!?

GO BELOW to post a game that you’ve already transformed and what game you’re ready to transform. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Walking onto a JOYFUL playing field,




  1. Joanna says:

    I’ve transformed the “I hate to wake up its so hard” game into the “I start my day with ease and joy meditation” game. I too am working on the “I struggle with my weight ” game.

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