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Am I really a control freak? (Video!)

Boy oh boy did I get a personal wake-up call from my coach about my inner control freak. It caught me off guard and even embarrassed me…yikes!

And then it hit me…I chose my STAND and power mantra for 2012 to be “Divinely Led.” (BTW, what’s YOUR power mantra for the year? Go public by posting in the comments below!) So of course my Inner Control Freak was sure to come out.

Get the full scoop on my Wake-Up call Wednesday video here:

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach
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  1. Astrid Maria says:

    Applauding you, Amy! Love your words, and they are so true, I believe – not just for you, me, women in general – no, for the whole planet… So, right there with you in 2012 with the very same intention!

  2. Rita Durant says:

    Hi Amy,

    I love your video. I am going with Mrs. Takata’s 5 daily intentions for the year: “Just for today…. I will not be angry; I will not worry; I will be grateful; I will do my work honesty; and I will be kind to all beings.”

    A couple of connections came to me. First, awesome that your video post is today’s, Wednesday, since as this wonderful day corresponds, according to Deepak Chopra, to the 4th spiritual law: the Law of Least Effort.

    Similarly, my friend’s friend’s wife started the initiative for Easy World. Enjoy!



  3. My son is alive only because I let the Divine guide and tell me what to do. I am only afraid when I don’t hear the voice. I know all that I receive and have received has been in my best good.

    Loved your video reinforced how loving and caring that voice, the Divine, really is. Thank you.

    Janice Hoffman

  4. Oh this is a tough one. New Mom issues make this so hard! How do I keep things organized and running while also letting go of control? Meaning, I have a hard time with all or nothing but I am inspired to try after watching your video. If I don’t lead, how do I know Divinity will? How do I know when it is working and I am not controlling? Great video, thanks Amy!

  5. Cherol says:

    This is so great.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment in your life.
    My journey this year is all about redefining the space I occupy and my effect on the world, how I radiate, the energy I send out and am I sending out something that I want to be absorbed or is it an out of control square in a round world. I am choosing my words, and resting with the energy before I send it out. It is incredibly peaceful.
    When I feel myself talking and I am not aware of it, I am always surprised. I am keeping thoughts, and choosing to speak these days and it is beautiful.
    Love, Prayers and Glitter

  6. Sarah Kurhajetz says:

    Thank you, Amy, for your truth telling. I’m grateful for your reminder to allow the divine to lead. I could relate to doing 80% of the work and only allowing the divine in for the remaining 20%. I’m with you on allowing the Spirit in to take the reigns.
    To being divinely led,

  7. lisa says:

    I always thought if I just kept on doing more and more and pushing for more and more in my life everything will finally start happening and I’ll get what I want in my life but you have opened up my mind and I finally realized this is exactly what is pushing others away and is exhausting and draining and is doing the exact opposite! I need to trust the universe -I’m going to start relaxing…for my own sake!! Thanks Amy!!!

  8. Marja West says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh…relax and RECEIVE…it’s the way of the Divine Feminine Principle, and engaging part of your 7th Sense…Jai Ma!

  9. Tiffany says:

    You were divinely led in making this video. I am in control freak heck today and happened upon (not just happened upon, but definitely led to!) your control freak video, which is the whole answer to my pleadings to God today. Im letting go and totally trusting Him. Why do I forget that? I needed this reminder!! Its SO much easier because of the PEACE it brings in having faith in His love and enabling power to consecrate all things for the good of everyone. He’s got it handled! 🙂

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  11. Calahan says:

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