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The Wake-Up Call Show: Are You Committed to Struggle, Dear One?

Dear One,

Are you committed to struggle? Do you LOVE the drama? Do you find that no matter what you do, you find yourself putting up a good ole’ fashioned fight, shouting, “Put up your dukes!”?


I realized this pattern in myself over the past few months and I’m taking it head on. I created a video for you about this crazy making commitment to struggle. Watch it here and create more ease now.

It is high time that we choose ease in our own lives over struggle. Won’t you join me?

With unstoppable enthusiasm & great love,



P.S. Want to spend a weekend with me? I SO want to spend a weekend with you, your Inner Mean Girl and your Inner Wisdom!

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Oh my goodness am I getting SO excited for my upcoming weekend Inner Mean Girl Reform School LIVE retreat at Kripalu. It’s fast approaching on April 12th-14th. Want to join me?

It’s the first and only time Christine Arylo and I will teach Inner Mean Girl Reform School LIVE this year… and we’d LOVE to spend the weekend reforming your inner critics so that voice of Inner Wisdom can come screaming through with power and authority.

Bring your Inner Achievement Junkies, Perfectionists, Comparison Queens, Doing Addicts, Drama Queens, Loveless LuLus, and more… we are ready to love them into new jobs!! Break free of self-sabotage. Over the course of the weekend, you will be able to…

Stop being so hard on yourself – Give yourself a break and permission to relax and stop driving yourself so hard
Tell the difference between the voice of your inner critic & fear and your inner wisdom & intuition – so you can turn down the volume on your IMG whenever you want and stop wasting time, energy and money stressing
Talk to your intuition and use her to guide your life – so you always make choices that are GREAT for you.
Stop comparing yourself, judging yourself and setting unrealistic expectations – and START celebrating your gifts and accomplishments.
Find your center – quickly — when you experience overwhelm, anxiety or stress so they don’t overtake your attitude or your life.
Find compassion for yourself when things don’t go perfectly – and really believe you are doing the best you can.

It’s going to be fun!

Women who master self compassion are happier and more successful. And that is the Truth. Word.

Read more & register now:

Leave me a comment below about your commitment to EASE!



  1. Jill says:

    Holy WOW! Talk about hitting it on the head! I’ve been tapping on this issue and talking myself through it and all of it and then today, THIS! I’m a total 10! I’m in the land of ‘holy OMG…OK, so now what do I do?’ And I can answer my own question. Now to decide what has to go…thank you for all you do, Amy! Love and gratitude! 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    Holy WOW! Talk about hitting it on the head! I’ve been tapping on this issue and talking myself through it and all of it and then today, THIS! I’m a total 10! I’m in the land of ‘holy OMG…OK, so now what do I do?’ And I can answer my own question. Now to decide what has to go…thank you for all you do, Amy! Love and gratitude! 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    I used to be in struggle all the time, but I’ve come to realize that my struggle was usually with ignorant or short-sighted people that were harmful or ineffective because they didn’t know any better. They were doing the best they knew how, even if I thought it to be woefully inadequate, and couldn’t imagine another way of being any more than they could understand where I was coming from. That’s true of me too. I’m sure that I am not doing well in some area, totally unaware there is another approach that might serve me or those around me better. I am doing the best I can. I can let go of the struggle when I remind myself that they are doing the best they can, same as me, and that instead of struggling against them I might offer a helping hand or be compassionate for where they’re at.

  4. Abi says:

    Hi Amy. I am totally that person who is committed 100% to the struggle, or at least I was and I am now working through it. My therapist made me aware of how much I keep repeating the cycle of drama in my life because I always struggled and always want to be right. Now that I know what my triggers are, I am starting to let go of the struggle and committing to be happy instead of right.

  5. Julie says:

    Yep, struck a chord! Am often taking up cudgels on other peoples behalf, and am well aware of my self righteous tendencies. And whilst I say I want peace and calmness in my life, I very easily get sucked into drama again.
    Thanks for the book, Amy, have bought several copies for friends.
    Today,I commit to practicing only peace and compassion.(but even writing that, I can feel a little bit of me saying ‘really?’ and ‘bet your going to fail on that one!)
    Can already feel some resistance coming up just looking out the window and seeing that it is snowing. Again.:)

  6. Lib says:

    Hi Amy,
    first let me tell you that I find you deliciously honest and lovely, and that somehow this title resonated with me. I have to tell you though that the topic seems here a bit underdeveloped and not completely clear.

    Are you saying that good causes are not worth “fighting” for?
    That doing what you did, was not something you were moved to do from your heart & values? Isn’t being a go-getter, and-or a defender of truth and the helpless something to cherish? Isn’t this same push that got your to be a coach and wanting to help others?

    I consider myself like that and yes, it does get me in difficult situations sometimes, in confrontation with others and yet, I feel it’s the good thing to do. I stand for what I truly believe to be good and honest and won’t let anyone walk over me or over the people (family, friends, animals, the environment, etc) I care for and the values I believe in (mind you I am not violent or anything 🙂 and I listen and respect other points of view but…).

    I would really appreciate it if you expanded on this topic :))
    thanks a lot, much sunshine to you and all!


    • Lib says:

      PS: just yesterday I was thinking that I want to help companies become greener by working with them, not exposing or pointing fingers at them, like Greenpeace does.

      And yet, Greenpeace gets all my admiration and respect because if it wasn’t for them, in some instances, much improvement would not have been achieved so effectively and relatively quickly on extremely delicate and urgent matters.

    • Amy Ahlers says:

      Such a GREAT point Lib. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

      It is a DANCE for me…to find the blessing in my fierce commitment and also recognize that taking the easy road is OK.

      How can we do both…take a STAND and be in EASE? That is what I’m exploring…going to post more about this next week too!!

  7. RosaLinda says:

    OMG Amy! This was such a profound video. It came at the perfect time, though it took me a few days to get to watch it. Over Lent I realized that I find, seek, or even just acknowledge the struggle in my life over anything with ease. “This is so HARD.” “I’m fighting for this to happen.” Always pushing. One of my nicknames is the bulldog. ; ) So I decided to let go of struggle and invite ease into my life. THEN, The Great Women tribe collected for a call and I voiced this new revelation and how I’m committing to surrender, to ease and harmony. Being the uber wise women that they are The Great Women reflected back to me some of the ways struggle manifests, and perhaps what I get from struggle, or what I think struggling is protecting me from. Those are the things my Inner Wisdom and I have been pondering, along with my new mantra courtesy of Cindy W. Surrender Struggle, Embrace Harmony and ease.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to hear about your journey embracing ease.

    Love, RosaLinda
    p.s. the in video survey was WICKED cool!

  8. Amen angel. I LOVE this new commitment – especially for you. And thank goodness for dear friends like yours to call us out on our stuff! *My* new mantra is “The Divine is the true source of my unlimited supply of Abundance.” For me, abundance is all about ease and flow, adding in the intentional *receiving* of it. When I let myself *have it*, (I call it “Upping my Havingness Dial”- which is all about self love) my spirit always knows what is aligned for my highest good and when I take the time to set my intention and tap in tune in and turn on, it will guide me to those events which allow for ease and flow. Here’s to an abundant fertile life in ALL areas, baby! *Great* post dear one! Have fun at Kripalu!

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