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The Wake-Up Call Show: Reflections of 2012 – The wins, the losses, and so much more!

Dearest Darling,

Hello from hibernation! I’m taking some time out from my personal retreat by the sea to send you love, inspiration and reflection. During my 3 day retreat, I’ve been spending lots of time going within, reflecting, laughing, crying, meditating running by the sea, soaking in the bathtub and staring at the ocean. I even had the honor and delight of calling in dolphins last night at sunset…I wept when they showed up. WOW!

I made a video from the balcony of the B & B I’m staying at for you. (The volume is a bit high due to the crashing waves…so you may want to turn down your speakers!) Watch it and drink in some ocean air with me.

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During my retreat, I’m taking myself through a year end reflection ritual and wanted to share with you some of my 2012 surprises, wins/successes, losses/failures and big ole lessons. Here it goes:

2012 Surprises:

  • Annabella starting kindergarten at her revolutionary charter school with such JOY…and the unbelievable community we have there. I HEART her school and the faculty and the parents. SO BLESSED!
  • Partnering with Martha Beck on the Find Your Calling class…pinch me please!
  • How amazing it was to be with Shiloh Sophia , Christine Arylo and our Great Work tribe the first 6 months of the year. WOWZIE!!!
  • How incredibly successful BOTH of my courses I did with the fabulous Lissa Rankin were: both Find Your Calling and Visionary Ignition Switch…such an incredible impact of goodness in the world. Thank you Lissa!! Woot!
  • My new spiritual and conscious fertility coach, Elisabeth Manning and the work we are doing together. (Thank you Lissa for the introduction…I’m SO lucky!)
  • My ever deepening connection with my incredible husband, Rob. I love you, Pookie!
  • The fabulous NYC adventure I had with my dear friend, Claire. Smooch!
  • Getting to partner with incredible support teams…especially the most amazing project manager, space holder, get it done bad ass…YES, that is you, Melanie Bates!
  • Major financial milestones in my business and in my household. Truly unbelievable to me.

2012 Wins and Successes:

  • Blasted through my revenue goals and over doubled both my business revenue and personal income…and all from giving goodness in the world. OH YEAH!
  • What incredible women Christine Arylo and I got to work with in our Inner Wisdom Golden Circle program in 2012…I love you ladies SO MUCH.
  • Our Golden Circle concierge hostess with the mostesss…the remarkable Sarah Mardell. You are a WIN for me!!
  • Continuing my personal and spiritual growth….learning SO MUCH about myself and my work.
  • My partnership with Christine and the amazing work we are doing together in the world. So blessed to have such an incredible partner who has taught me SO MUCH personally and professionally.
  • Learning how to RECEIVE better.
  • How blissfully happy my daughter is in all areas of her live.
  • JOY on our summer trips and my bday trip to my sister’s cabin.
  • More incredible support team members…the sweet conductor, April Sweazy, who handles my inbox like a full orchestra. And my biggest cheerleader, Lucie Mosny, who always makes me feel like a million bucks as she manages my calendar and life!
  • My partnership with Lissa and what we created this year. WOW!
  • All of my friends and my incredible community…seriously fortunate.
  • Making it through the 21-day Pink and Green Detox Cleanse…SO proud of myself for that…oh and been gluten free 99% of the time since!
  • My mastermind group (love you Mike, Steve, Lissa & Christine!)
  • My Magical Manifestation trio (cherish you Susan & Edward!)
  • My divine diva weekly trio (adore you Sam & Dyana!)
  • Getting time with wonderful family…I love you Mom and Dad and Sisters and Cousins and Nieces and Nephews and….ALL of you!
  • My incredible partnership coach, lawyer priestess bad ass, Alexis Neely, who has enriched my life in more ways than I could ever count.
  • Increasing my tribe and subscribers to just over 40k this year…not too shabby considering when I started doing anything big online I had about 1500.
  • My husband, Rob, who has been my soulmate and partner for over 12 1/2 years now and never ceases to astound me with his unconditional love and support. Need I say more?

2012 Losses and Failures:

  • No baby or pregnancy yet (more about that on my blog here)
  • Losing Grandpa Freddie….love & miss you!
  • All of the times I got triggered and let my own Big Fat Lies get the best of me
  • Moments when I didn’t listen to my Inner Wisdom…oh you Inner Mean Girls!
  • Not reaching my 10k+ twitter followers goal (speaking of which…are you following me yet? Go here to get my tweets!)
  • Not reaching my 2k+ facebook fan goal on my new Amy Ahlers fan page (oh that facebook rehab! Wanna like me? Go here to do so…pretty please!)
  • Not keeping at my ideal SEXY BACK weight.
  • Some of my launches that didn’t meet my goals (amazing how other things so surpassed goals that it all worked out BETTER than I could have imagined!)

2012 Lessons that I’m bringing into 2013:

  • Support and team are key to my happiness and success.
  • The light can do the healing work.
  • Having, claiming and keeping sacred space works.
  • It is time for me to shine even brighter.
  • I am uniquely gifted with a heart of gold, a spirit of service and giving & a mind of inspired divinely led strategy.
  • I release keeping score and embrace and trust my spirit of reciprocity.
  • It is MORE than possible to work less and receive more!

Phew! That’s a lot….thanks for reading and witnessing!

Want to do your own 2012 reflection wheel? I hope you saw my email over the weekend inviting you to join my self-love sister, Christine Arylo, and me for our very special LIVE pre-Winter Solstice event. We will take you through our year end winter solstice ritual. It is our gift to you!

GO HERE NOW to RSVP for our FREE special year end winter solstice celebration tomorrow night Thursday, Dec. 20th. You can join us live at Dashe Cellars in the SF Bay Area (includes live music and wine tasting….mmmm k?!) or via live-stream on the web!

Darling, I’m sending you so much love and healing. I know we are all still in need of extra light after Friday’s tragedy. Keep plugging into the light and sending out waves of love to Connecticut. Take brilliant care of yourself so you can BE an source of joy in the world. The world needs you and your light shining bright.

With unstoppable enthusiasm & great love,




P.S. Remember to join me (and feel free to invite your loved ones too) LIVE tomorrow night at Dash Cellars in Oakland, CA or via webcast for the pre-Winter Solstice Ritual. GO HERE NOW TO RSVP.

P.P.S. I truly hope you are taking some time out for yourself to rejuvenate and plug in this time of year, sweet one. You deserve it.







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