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The Wake-Up Call Show: A Wall of Miracles

Sweet pea,

Merry Belated Christmas! To all of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope Santa was as good to you as he was to me and my family. Sending you holiday blessings! Here’s a picture of my 5 year old, Annabella, drinking in some holiday joy.

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Annabella filled with holiday joy!

I have a question for you: do you believe in miracles? I sure do. Miracles really do abound…they are floating around like fairies sprinkling pixie dust. We simply need to pay attention.

“There are only two ways to live your life.One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
-Albert Einstein

So today I had a vision of our incredible, inspiring tribe making a “wall of miracles” on my blog. Here’s just a few miracles that I’m incredibly grateful for:

  • Annabella’s face on Christmas morning.
  • My rescue mutt, Dozer, and his speedy recovery from cancer and surgery this past year.
  • Every single teacher, child and faculty member at Sandy Hook elementary school and their courageous acts.
  • A dear friend’s long awaited pregnancy.
  • All of the abundance in Rob and I’s household this year…where we started this year and how we are ending it truly is a miracle.

Won’t you join me and share some of the miracles that have appeared in your life this year? Please post a comment below sharing your miracles!

With unstoppable enthusiasm & great love,

P.S. Speaking of miracles…my dear friend, Gabrielle Bernstein, just launched her third book…woot! May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change, is now available in a beautiful hardcover and as an e-book.  This fabulous book is a six-week guide that enlightens, inspires, and empowers. By adding up subtle shifts, you’ll create long-lasting, miraculous change. When you give yourself the gift of May Cause Miracles, you get super awesome early bird bonus gifts, too. GO HERE NOW to check it out and get your copies!

P.P.S. You are a miracle to me!!

Please post a comment below celebrating some of the miracles in your life and share it with your friends…together let’s create a wall of miracles!




  1. The healing of my heart including meeting the love of my life
    My business going well
    My health continuing to be great
    My dog and her unconditional love
    My happy home welcoming me
    The great travels this year brought

  2. Julia says:

    My son feeling well enough to participate in Christmas this year. Best present ever!

  3. 1. I was finally able to heal after a 3 yr relationship that had to be ended….
    2. I purchased a certified Yukon and made many friends at the dealership who have been such lovely persons to work with in sales, finance, service, etc…including the owner of the dealership (which is a nationally renowned dealer);
    3. My children are healthy happy and loving life;
    4. My grandson is healthy and happy and enjoying life;
    5. My parents are still healthy;
    6. My career is thriving…
    7. My home is lovely as well as my neighbors very giving and loving

    Need I continue… is GRAND, AMAZING and full of MIRACLES!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share! Happy New Year!
    Let’s Make 2013 our BEST year ever!

  4. Anna says:

    I found a cute, quiet, beautiful little place, steps from the beach…..
    Grateful, grateful, grateful.
    Both my son are alive and have a place to live.
    Grateful, grateful grateful.

  5. Bonnie Helterhoff says:

    I was able this year to leave a job that was literally killing my soul and get a temp job I have loved and just received a job offer for something perfect.
    Also, my divorced son ( who had been living with me) got on his feet and was able to move to be near his kids as his ex is approaching the end of stage four cancer.
    My 93 year old mother still around to share the good times.
    The friends I have made this past year and the unhealthy relationships I ended.
    That 8 years out from a divorce after 38 years, I have found web groups like this that have taught me the value of believing in miracles and completely turned my life around- Thank you!!!!
    That I can now believe the future wiill be fantastic adventure.

  6. I’m grateful, my mom’s good health,she just turned 87 yrs on 12-24-2012 and for the surprise party I’m planning for her in 3 days. I’m glad For the nice winter weather.
    For learning to reach out and just help more.
    I’m also thankful for Master Sha’s 24 hrs World chanting:Love, Peace and Harmony.
    For my friend Patty Clift who has sent much Love my way.
    For Fred McDondald and his great Popcorn balls ,ty,ty,ty,.

  7. anonymous says:

    1. Learning to love myself.
    2. Meeting the love of my life my now fiance.
    3. Being healthy.
    4. Having my parents and loved ones around.
    5. Getting out of an awful relationship proving miracles are real.
    Miracle not giving up hope on is career succes to create good fortune for our future children.
    Feeling truly blessed for these true miracles.

  8. KT from AZ says:

    I’ve had an interesting decade. Lost my eyesight: completely blind in the right eye, largely in the left. Two cataract surgeries later, I see better than I have in over forty years. I lost my ability to play the piano to carpal tunnel syndrome, then discovered the organ is easier on the wrists. I’ve taught myself the pedals, am now a church organist, and can once more play Bach… NEW Bach pieces now, ones that include work for my feet! Our wretched old house turned out to have mold responsible for several ailments afflicting both me and my husband; thanks to beloved children we are now in a new mold-free place and both have more energy and better health than we’ve had in years.

    I’m still almost Medicare-age. I still have fibromyalgia, and CTS, and insulin-dependent Type II. (Although I’m losing weight and my insulin dose is down, so I *may* be able to beat that one!) But I’d have to be crazy not to believe in miracles, having been on the receiving end of so many!

  9. Elke says:

    My miracles in 2012:
    — 2 trips to Rome (first and second)
    — passing the audition for a prestigious choir
    — being able to sing a private concert for the Pope with that choir
    — incredible travels (Rome, Scotland, Greece)
    — reunion with highschool friends
    — being able to participate in wonderfully sweet choir concerts
    — making new friends
    — spending four incredible weeks in Greece with outstanding writers
    — experiencing continuous good health
    — being able to realize the blessing of good friends and kindred souls

    Thanks for sharing your miracles, Amy. And thanks for your newsletter and all the work you do. I’m here in Germany, but would love to participate. Tell me how.
    Love, Elke

  10. simply me says:

    Choosing me, staring disempowering beliefs square on and transforming them through radical self care, moving into singlehood as I begin to file a divorce (ugh and yes), feeling & going through the stages of grief as a sober woman, breath in and breath out, family,releasing what is no longer propelling me into a fulfilling experience, letting go of people and relationships that aren’t supporting me as much as I wish they would, loving through all boundaries, dreaming and believing the best is yet to come, connection with something greater, the capacity to feel and live and love and reinvent myself all the time.

  11. Margaret says:

    My miracle(S) was gaining two temporary work assignments after a six-year drought of unemployment. Very Grateful. Plus, having good holiday meals, and being able to purchase myself presents this year.

  12. danah says:

    my miracle is getting to a point in my life where i recognize those small every day gifts as miracles-call from a friend, waking up to the sound of an owl outside your window, the thrill of cooking in your kitchen, receiving and giving love, getting to know yourself, etc. cheers and best wishes for 2013

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