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The Wake-Up Call Show: Spiritual Bullying (Video)

Dear One,

I’ve got a juicy topic for you today, my dear. I like to call it “spiritual bullying”. Ya know those times in your life when someone accuses you of not being spiritual enough, or trusting enough, or (fill in the blank with a spiritual word) enough to do what they want you to do.

Or better yet, when your Inner Critic decides that you’re just not coming from abundance…beating you up with all sorts of important spiritual principles, making you feel less than and inadequate.

YUCK! It’s so twisted when we use sacred language to torture ourselves, isn’t it?

Check out this video I did where I reveal three steps to stop inner or outer spiritual bullying.

May you always feel connected to your TRUTH and may you only go as fast as your Inner Wisdom says to go.


With great love,

P.S. I am sending you mountains of love today and reminding you that you’re always at the right place at the right time and giving you full permission to say NO when it feels right to you!


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  1. Ellen says:

    “A mission to wake you up to the sacred in your life.” Wow – that’s wonderful.

    Yes! This bullying happens all the time in the spiritual bubble where I live. We call it metaphysical malpractice. It’s easier to resist another person saying, “How did you create this?” than to quiet the voice in our heads (okay, my head) that says, “If you were more spiritual, this wouldn’t have happened. Fraud! Imposter!” Well, you’re familiar with those big fat lies.

    And you’re right, it takes some careful self-reflection to discern whether decisions are coming from fear and lack or not, whether illness could have been avoided or has a higher purpose. The good news is that anything can have a higher purpose if we’re open to it.

    Thanks – I’ll be thinking about this the rest of the day.

  2. Irmgard says:

    Amy, it is so true. For we create our own experiences, there is always a higher purpose behind, if we only had the inner clarity to stand up to truth, to stand up to our thoughts (hidden and aware). The moment we realize what’s going on, we can let it go. You made me aware of this bullying myself of not being enlightened enough, of not being worth enough, of always having to work hard ….
    The moment I am aware of bullying myself, I look closer into myself and finally I say to inner critics: “I have learned to speak to me instead of listening to me (critic).
    Living in Switzerland, we sure have mountains. Your love reflect on these mountains here and glitter back to the world, Irmgard

  3. jessica says:

    I love your free-out-going-open greeting ways and all smiles videos when addressing me-us-everybody.. and yes, Amy, always connected to my truth and only going at the pace my inner wisdom says so.. cant rush it, its reasons has.. thank you, I see you.

  4. I’m laughing so hard at the comment “I was coming from a place of abundance”.

    Here’s a short expression we say in French (Quebec French)so that next time you’re spiritually bullied you can say “Vas-péter dans les fleurs” (go fart in the flowers.) There’s a more raw version which I won’t write here 🙂


  5. Sarah says:

    Wow! This post resonated with me so much. Thank you, Amy! I bully myself, spiritually, all the time. When I date, I tell myself that if I just had more gratitude and was better at receiving, I would appreciate the abundance that I’m offered in this relationship (instead of honoring that some of my needs are, truthfully, not being met). In addition, one of my exes broke up with me, saying, “Relationship partners are supposed to be our mirror, and I can’t see myself in you one bit!” That statement demonstrated that were were, in fact, on very different pages. 🙂 LOVE your blog! Thanks for brightening my days.

  6. Amy Ahlers says:

    LOVE seeing all these amazing responses. May each of you feel deeply loved and stop the spiritual bullying cycle!

  7. Gigi Wellness says:

    I am so happy you did a video on “spiritual” bullying, because it really does happen more frequently than we might notice. It is one of the reasons why people do not like to share the things they have learned, because with one misstep, our friends (frenemies?)are right there, ready to critique us. When it happens to me, I’ve learned to say “Oh well, my growin’ is showin'” (Friends generally back off, laughing, when they hear that!) I have seen people “step out on faith” BEFORE they had enough faith, experience, etc., and come out badly because of it. Of course, it’s really about the lesson in the experience, though, isn’t it?
    Keep up the great work!

  8. Sarah Kent says:

    Great post! Love the reminder that we are in control of us and our lives. I find it easy to slip into putting to much focus on one area whether it’s the physical, Spiritual, emotional or psychological and be overly influenced by others. When i do decide for myself from a centred and open minded perspective they all seem in alignment. For example recently i was having trouble concentrating i thought it was a mood issue and started beating my self up and pushing myself to do things that would life my mood.(must try harder) Then I finally had a long overdue eye test and found that I was having trouble concentrating because I couldn’t see!! Duh. My lessen was that taking care of physical self is a spiritual act.

  9. Odette says:

    Oh my lord! I didn’t know there was such a thing called spiritual bullying until I realised with shame this morning that I was doing it to my husband. On a hunch, I googled spiritual bullying and found your blog and I’m so grateful. Not only was I a bully to him, but also to myself! I loved the comment from GiGi about “my growin is showin” and now I can laugh a little in the face of my shame.
    Hopefully, now that I am aware of what I’ve been doing, I can be kinder, both to him and to me.
    Love and blessings to you Amy

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