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Wake-Up Call Weds: STOP the Glorification of Busy!

Dear One,

I recently came across a sign that said “Stop the Glorification of Busy.” Ooooh did that hit me like a ton of bricks.

It feels like everywhere I turn someone is “bragging” about how busy they are…rattling off their To-Do list with pride…almost beaming about how they have no free time, spare time or ME time.glorification of busy

When did BUSY become synonymous with VALUE?

When did feeling RUSHED become the only way to seem IMPORTANT?

When did being OVERWHELMED & OVER-SCHEDULED become necessary for us to say NO or set a BOUNDARY?

Today, I challenge you to stop the glorification of busy and start glorifying self-care, free time and space in your life.

It’s really about embracing your feminine power of receiving, of pausing, of allowing. This is about slowing down so you can listen to your Inner Wisdom.

It can be challenging to do this, especially when the busyness is so glorified in our culture. But I know from my own personal experience that this is when the magic happens. When the inspiration comes. When you can feel GUIDED in your life.

Are ya with me? Let me know that you’ll join the charge and begin to glorify the space and time in your life below!

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Sending you buckets of free time and barrels of spaciousness,





P.S. I declare that having space, free time and down time is paramount to our happiness, fulfillment and success. When was the last time you had an afternoon of daydreaming? An unscheduled day? Time to just BE?

Get it on the books, my dear. You deserve it.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you will CHANGE so you can create more SPACE in your life and STOP the glorification of busy!

And make sure to check out the Inner Wisdom Golden Circle 9-month breakthrough program if you are ready to fully embrace your feminine power & Inner Wisdom!




  1. Nancy says:

    In my profession, if I am not busy, I don’t eat. But, the work runs in cycles and usually, when I am not busy I go to the office anyway, because looking busy and worrying about not being busy will encourage more work. Not.
    This time, I thought, the work is not going to come just because I sit in the office depriving myself of time I could be enjoying something else – so I am going to a double header softball game and enjoying my afternoon in the middle of the week (gasp!).
    Naturally, as soon as I decided this, three projects came in – which is great – but on other days, would have caused me to cancel my afternoon out and get busy again. Not today! I rebel. I need this down time. I’m taking it and I will be busy giving my spirit the rest it needs.

  2. Jill says:

    Being as how I’ve healed a lot of issues by getting quiet and NOT being busy, I’ve gotten far better at it than I used to be. But you can’t hear your Inner Wisdom or anything else for that matter when you’re constantly moving, doing and busy. Not that it’s easy because I work for myself so when there’s work constantly, you take the work. But I’ve learned self-care and taking time for me and when I feel like I need to be/get quiet, I do. 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    The UPS (Universe Providing System) brought me what I needed to hear today through you Amy. I was doing well health wise for a long time and started reverting to my old ways. I have managed to get myself sick again and the true problem is being too busy. Growing up in the 1950’s and ’60’s hitting the job market in the ’70s. There were years and years of rewarding busy. “If you need something done ask a busy person” was a common saying implying that a busy person was a true achiever and something to aim for. I can tell you first hand that this does not work. You reminded me that if I am going to busy doing anything, I need to get busy taking care of myself. Thanks Amy

  4. Julie says:

    After years of killing myself with too much work and too many hours, I was forced to go with the ebb and flow of having a sick kid who needed me when he needed me, day or night, often both. My “work” was in unpredictable spurts and duration. I missed my superwoman cape and running flat out, doing this, and saving that. I was embarrassed to say anything if I got a call during an afternoon nap, even if I had been up all night. I would take the call as if I was up and alert even though anyone would have understood that I was exhausted and gladly called back later. It’s crazy the lies we tell ourselves. Thank God I got over it!

  5. Julia says:

    I’m not the least bit interested in being busy. There is nothing about it I like. I equate to static on phone lines, tv screens, etc. If somebody says something about my being busy as a way to connect with me, I usually tell them I’m not the least bit busy. I don’t make it part of my life. Gotta go nap!!!

  6. Kristen says:

    Last year my life was CRAZY. I had about 10 major stressors I was handling all at the same with very little support and there were days my mind would literally short-circuit to the point where I lost all thought or ability to focus and my ears would ring. It was the 11th, the unexpected ending of a 3 year relationship that made me finally just stop. I took stock and realized not one of these issues I was juggling, including the relationship, was truly about my needs, wants, dreams, or goals. So I started focusing on me, started saying “no” a lot more, started journaling and taking a more guilt-free approach to needing to “fill up my own tanks” before I could help anyone else. Some of the things I am still handling, but with a lot less fervor. Some things I dropped entirely. I am learning to find my own dream again. It’s not always easy to get people (work, family, friends) to respect that you have needs too, especially if you’ve always been the one to put them aside for everyone else, but I no longer let how other people feel be more important than how I do.

    I don’t know when exactly it became the norm for people to be treated like they have to constantly be at full-throttle with no rest in sight. Or that it is acceptable to make every aspect of life like Hell’s Kitchen where someone is constantly screaming at you throughout the process then thoroughly unkind in their judgement of you when you make a mistake or your results are sub par. I’ve made the decision to stand up for kindness, empathy, and understanding and I expect to receive it in return. I am standing up for the right to, well, sit down. I saw a Facebook post recently that said that even Jesus had to step away from life as he knew it for a few years to find himself and it allowed him to heal the world!

    Life is not a game, it’s a journey. No one gets to vote YOU off the island.
    We are ALL humans, being.

  7. Being successful for me means being pleasantly busy (yes, I love being busy) yet having time for a luxurious afternoon nap, time for an impromptu lunch date with girlfriends, time for silly play with the puppies outside, time to indulge in all the rituals that contribute to my well-being and happiness.

    Which overall means that I truly am pleasantly busy 🙂

  8. Winn Clark says:

    Amy – this is the best thing you have ever written! So true. It is a bit like how people used to think smoking was really cool, and now we all know it is just really unhealthy. We can start a revolution that illuminates that crazy-busy is really just crazy. We have to be the ones that put an end to the glorification of busy, starting with our own lives. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Aradia says:

    I have to admit I do love being busy, but really I love getting things done, tinkering, working on things. I find myself getting sucked into being busy to be busy though when the work wanes though and that’s when I know there’s a problem. When I can’t differentiate between the joy of productive expression and the restless need to be doing it’s time to take a step back and lose myself in some nothing, or straight up fun as the case may be. I think this is an especially important lesson to teach our children early too. We get wrapped up in their development and as parents want to push it along engaging them constantly. But while learning is lovely for growth, we mustn’t forget that stopping, slowing, and just being nurture it as well. <3

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