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The Cleanse Day 12: I’m Hungry!

I promised I would blog more during the 21 Day Pink and Green Detox Cleanse I’m doing, courtesy of my amazing BFF, mastermind buddy and partner at Visionary Ignition Switch, Dr. Lissa Rankin. So here I sit on a Saturday morning HUNGRY with a capital H. Many peeps have asked how this cleanse works, so let me give you a brief overview.

The first 7 days are the pre-cleanse phase where you begin slowly eliminating foods from your diet. Say  BYE BYE to processed foods, caffeine, coffee (even decaf–ouch!), meat, cheese, wheat, soy, sugar and more. Say HELLO to fresh veggies, fruit, brown rice, nuts and more. Essentially by day 7 the hope is that you’ve slowly gotten off all those addictive foods that might cause you even more trouble during the detox phase.

The second 7 days are the cleanse phase where you chose from 3 levels of cleansing to detox and purify your body. You drink TONS of green juice, veggie broth, take certain supplements and flush that system of yours. This is the toughest part of the cleanse, as you are not eating much or any solid food, based on what level you do.

The final 7 days are the post-cleanse phase where you begin adding in foods slowly and mindfully. This is the part where you get to re-design your eating habits, make new commitments and even discover if you have unknown food sensitivities and allergies.

If you want more deets on this specific cleanse, make sure to go here. Lissa and Living Foods Expert, Tricia Barrett, created an amazing program that outlines it all step by step.

I’m on Day 5 of the cleansing phase and I’m not going to lie…it is tough! I’m hungry…really hungry…like that stomach eating itself kind of hungry. Add to that the wild cravings (varying from roast chicken with rosemary to juevos rancheros to a five course meal) and it is enough to make a girl want to throw in the towel!

But here’s the thing: my body is getting what it needs from all the juice and supplements (and I really do believe that). And the hunger and cravings come and go in waves. It is actually pretty fascinating to watch the urges and NOT give in. I feel pretty dang strong and impressed with myself. 🙂

So why am I cleansing? Well for starters, for the past year I’d often get the message to cleanse in my meditations. My Inner Wisdom kept telling me to do it. And I resisted and fought it tooth and nail…I kept saying “leave me alone!”  Until I finally decided that it was time. And my self-love sister & partner at Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Christine Arylo, and her hubbie were going to cleanse, as well as one of my own team, April. So I had a team to support me. BTW if you want to try something like this, I HIGHLY recommend doing it in community. It has been a godsend to text Christine a craving or have her make a batch of vegan soup and offer me some (thanks C!).  So it felt like the time was RIGHT.

My desire is to cleanse myself emotionally and spiritually. Since the release of my book in October last year, which was the manifestation of a 6-year dream, I have felt a sense of confusion, like being adrift in a whole new ocean. It was almost like experiencing postpartum depression or the after the honeymoon letdown. So I wanted to do something to welcome in more vision, more passion, more dreaming, more clarity of what’s next to fulfill my highest calling. I also wanted to feel better physically. I often wake up tired after a full night’s sleep and my eating habits have gotten sloppy.  Lissa refers to cleanses as a reset button on all levels.  Hence the cleanse so I can RESET!

So far I do feel, aside from the hunger, a sense of rawness and resetting. I had horrible withdrawal symptoms on Day 3 (think headache, nausea, the shakes and even a rash!), but that has mostly passed. So I’m left with the emptiness and I’m ready to fill it with a new vision. More to come!

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