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Wake-Up Call Wednesday: The Soul Check-In

Dear One,

Today is the seven year anniversary of the death of my beloved mother in law, Johnnie. It is so hard to believe that she has been gone for seven years. Johnnie was my husband Rob’s birth mom whom he was reunited with when he was 23 years old. Johnnie began her search for him when Rob turned 21 and the day they met was life changing for them both.  More on that amazing story another day.

Johnnie truly was a soul-mate to both my husband and me. She was funny, full of life, wise, warm, and always up for a wild adventure. She was the one we would call when we needed wisdom, when we needed truth, when we needed to check in with our souls.

Now, as you may know, I’m on day 17 of the 21-day Pink and Green Detox Cleanse, courtesy of my BFF Dr. Lissa Rankin. (You can read more about my experience of the cleanse here or here.) One of the reasons I decided to cleanse was to help clear out lingering grief I feel over the loss of Johnnie, so I could have today as a celebration of her life, instead of feeling so much sadness over her tragic death.

I figured Johnnie would love it if we all took a moment to do a soul check-in. Since I can’t call Johnnie personally to talk with her about everything, at least not on the physical plane, I created a Soul Check-In worksheet for myself and I would love to share it with you.

The Wake-Up Call Soul Check-In

Every once in a while it is vital to sit down and have a heart to heart with your soul, with your higher self, and check in on how you are doing. Imagine (or remember!) that you came into this lifetime with a purpose, with a reason for being here, a highest calling. Settle in for a conversation with your soul and do a pulse check to see how it’s going. Answer the following questions with that in mind.

1. What is your soul’s purpose? This doesn’t have to be a grand plan to end hunger or reform education (unless it is). It might look like being a loving and caring mom, bringing more laughter to the world or creatively expressing through music or art. If you don’t know what your purpose is, just make it up!

2. How are you doing on fulfilling your soul’s purpose? Are you on track? Off track? Not even close? Feel into it here. Answer from your Inner Wisdom, your gut, your intuition.

3. What can you do to bring yourself more in line with your soul’s purpose?

4. What is one thing that you’ve been stopping yourself from doing that will bring joy to your soul? How can you act on that within the next 30 days?

5. What does your soul want you to know right now in your life? What’s the message or present your soul wants to give you?

6. What else does your soul want you to know?

Go here to download the PDF worksheet and do your own Soul Check-In.

With soul filled love,




P.S. I’d love to hear what you receive from the worksheet. Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes. And feel free to share this check-in with your tribe!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Just a reminder, Amy….. You are AMAZING!
    My soul purpose : To live with an open heart:)
    Love you:)

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