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Wake-Up Call Wednesday: What will you cleanse?

Dear One,

This morning I woke up feeling emptier than I have in a long time. Like an empty vessel ready to be filled up with pure goodness. I’m in the midst of a 21-Day Green Juice Cleanse to spiritually, emotionally and physically cleanse myself of things I no longer want. I’m cleansing away everything from grief to patterns to Big Fat Lies to old ways of being that no longer serve me. And I’m welcoming in messages of what’s next for me in fulfill my highest calling. Uh huh. Oh yeah!

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything as radical as this….in fact those of you that have known me for a long time know that I’ve often looked down upon cleansing and the like. Thinking it was far too out there and woo-woo for me! Fast forward 10 years and here I am, sipping my green juice, contemplating my life purpose and doing a soul check in (and longing for a three course meal!).

So what changed? Well, for starters I’ve surrounded myself with a tribe of fellow authors, speakers and coaches that do sh*t like this. And when my dear friend and mastermind buddy, Dr. Lissa Rankin, shared with me why she cleanses multiple times a year and gifted me with her amazing Green Juice cleanse program my ears perked up. (BTW, stay tuned for exciting news from Lissa and I tomorrow where you can get access to our Visionary Ignition Switch Red Hot Secrets webinar gratis…woot!). Lissa is an MD after all and is the picture of vibrant health. Add in my soul sister and partner at Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Christine Arylo, who cleanses too and I felt compelled to at least try it. If you want to see how it all goes down, I promise to write a few more posts about it on my blog, so feel free to check in there or on my facebook page. I’ll give you the scoop!

So I’m curious, dear one, what are you ready to cleanse yourself of? What if you could declare right here and now that you’re going to rid yourself of ONE THING in your life that no longer serves you? Is it a Big Fat Lie like “I’m not enough” or “I don’t belong”? Is it a self-destructive habit like smoking or over-eating or over-spending? Is it a relationship that you know, in your soul, isn’t right?

I invite you to take a deep breath and make a commitment right here and now to cleanse that ONE THING out of your life. To release it. Go public with your commitment here.

With green juice and so much love,




P.S. Won’t you use this energy with me? It is almost time for the “back to school” energy, so NOW is a great time to cleanse and release. Let me know your thoughts here.



  1. cherylann says:

    i’m cleansing the stories of not enough, fear, doubt, deprivation and powerlessness.

  2. Rozalind says:

    Thanks for your cleanse post! I too started cleansing myself ove rthe past few weeks, finally quitting smoking, making fresh juices with local veggies and also taking in more yin yoga. So far it’s amazing! Yay for cleanses! : )

  3. CARMELA says:


    good for you ! what is the duration of such green juice cleanse?
    do you take any food supplements at the time of the cleanse?
    how many pounds’ more or less, one looses in the x amount of time of the cleanse? are you noticing any changes in you (body & soul)? would you share more technical detales about the cleanse itself?
    enjoy it and benefit from it !
    to your health !!!

  4. Latasha says:


    I read your mail all the time but, this is first time that I am posting something.

    This is exactly how I been feeling like I needed to cleanse myself!

    So I am committing myself in letting go of Fear of not being all that I set to be and putting limited thoughts about who I am as an person.

    I commit to let me be all that I say that I am!

    I Love it!!

    Thank you for posting good thoughts for the soul!

  5. Linda says:

    I am cleansing the “big fat lie” that I will never find a soul mate with whom I can share my heart and my love for life.

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and experiences that you share, Amy!

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