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The Wake-Up Call Show: Love, Loss & Legacy

Dearest One,

What’s the legacy you wish to leave behind?

Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve had the honor to hold the hand of one of my best friends, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, as she said goodbye to her co-parent, teacher and mentor, the legendary painter and master teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars. Sue is the inspiration for the Intentional Creativity MoImageProxy.mvcvement and an Art Matriarch to hundreds of students worldwide.

On the right is one of my favorite Sue masterpieces called “Glimpse of the Portal.” I imagine Sue is on the other side of the portal now basking in the light of the cosmos. 

In Sue’s honor, there is a tribe that is committing 30 days of art right now. People from around the world are painting, praying, writing poetry, dancing and sitting in sacred ritual every single day. And that is just beginning. You can read more about Sue’s legacy and are welcome to participate in the Terra Sophia Sanctuary project in honor of Sue Hoya Sellars here. (We’ve raised nearly $25k in Sue’s honor. Make sure to check out the perks if you are inspired to contribute. We just added a painting class with Shiloh and me!)

It is truly inspiring.It has been astonishing to witness the profound legacy Sue is leaving behind. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

It has me investigating my own legacy. Pondering what will be left behind when I leave the planet. (After all as the saying goes, “no one here gets out alive.”)

How about you? What is the legacy you’ll leave behind?

Marinate and ponder the inquiries below to tap into your unfolding legacy:

  • What do you most want to be remembered for? (And are you acting on that every day?)
  • Who in your life will be most impacted by your passing? Are you in right, clean, good relationship with those that matter most? (If not, let this email catalyze you to reach out, forgive, ask for forgiveness, create connection, lean into love).
  • Are there any dreams you’ve put on hold or been putting off until the “time is right”? (It’s time to dust them off and open your heart to them.)
  • If you knew you had only one year to live, what, if anything, would you be doing differently? (What can you act on NOW?)

I discovered from answering the questions that I am striving to stay in alignment each day with my soul and my ever evolving purpose.  I want to be remembered as a present, loving, compassionate mama to my two girls and wife to my beloved husband. I hope to be remembered as a creator and teacher of content that inspires and create goodness in the world and to leave behind books that give insight, hope and tools for unconditional self-love. I long to to be known as a good citizen and be of service to the world at large in big and small ways. I have one project that has been calling to me that I’m committed to putting energy into before the end of the year. I could go on and on…

Ponder the questions above and let me know how it goes below. I always love hearing from you.

You’re doing a good job. I’m so grateful you are on the planet at this time and in this place.

With a sprinkling of red rose petals,

P.S. I dare you to “commit an act of art” today in Sue’s honor. Paint, dance, draw,write a song, recite Shakespeare, write a poem… You are an ARTIST. Own it.I double dog dare you to share your act of art in the comments here. (Below)

​P.P.S. I know that for many of you writing a memoir is part of your legacy and I wanted to share something really sacred and special with you that my dear friend, Melanie Bates,  has created just for 12 women who are ready to tell their story. Melanie will teach you the importance of story in your life and how to become a master storyteller, as well as the author of your own brilliant story – both the tangible book you’ll hold in your hands, and the intangible stories you hold in your hearts. You will cross the boundaries of time and space and work on past, present and future simultaneously to change your life in big and beautiful ways.

Are you one of the 12 women ready to take on the quest? GO HERE to read the full invitation. Tell Melanie I sent you. This is going to be an amazing journey!

Ponder the questions above and let me know how it goes below. I always love hearing from you.




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