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The Wake-Up Call Show: No More Hell or High Water!

Dear One,

Do you ever subscribe to the “come hell or high water” attitude…the no matter what I will MAKE THIS HAPPEN mindset!?

I used to do it a lot in my life…especially in my business. I would push and will things into action. My Inner Achievement Junkie would come in full force wanting me to PUSH it out and control it.

As a result, ​it seemed ​I could ​only ​create things from ​a​place of pushing and working hard. It became my creation pattern.

But, I’m changing my tune.

Forget hell or high water. I want heaven and flow instead. This means I don’t get to push and hustle.

Instead I relax in and let The Divine lead. And trust it is all working out how it is supposed to. Even if it LOOKS different.

This means releasing uninspired work and leaning into what feels truly delicious to me. This means following the inspiration lily pads and noticing what lights me up. This means say YES to what I truly want to do and who I want to me.

Now this does NOT mean I give up the moment a challenge shows up on my path as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and author. It just means that I don’t create from the place of challenge and hustle by default.

When challenges come up I lean into what feels GOOD as a solution.

I am considering this my STAND for 2015: Heaven and Flow. YUM!

What are you discovering about pushing and flow? Comment below and let me know!


P.S. Our Dreaming In Paradise retreat is one of those FLOW things in my life. The circle is forming for the retreat and each woman is so spectacular!

Shiloh and I are conducting a LIVE Dream Diving call TOMORROW for women that are wanting a taste of what we’re going to be doing in Hawaii.

You can register here for the Dream Diving Hawaii call.




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