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The Wake-Up Call Show: Searching for the Sacred

Dear One,

I’ve been up since the 4am nursing with my baby girl, Evie, listening to the rain outside with all sorts of thoughts spinning through my head. It feels like I’m fully sliding out of the new born baby cocoon and into the light and I’m a bit dazed and confused.

I find myself searching for the sacred. And when I am fully present trainbowo what IS, fully in the moment, I can feel the sacredness of my life. The holiness of the shadows of the leaves dancing in the sunlight, the blessing of the smile on Evie’s face as she discovers how to crawl and move and dance and clap, the awe of watching Annabella read her story beaming with pride.

Seems to me the keys to allowing the everyday sacred into our soul are:

-Be fully present: it can often help to notice your breath and repeat in your head what you’re seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing.

-Invite in the sacred: notice where the beauty is. Is there sunlight shimmering on raindrops? A twinkle in your beloved’s eye as he does the dishes? A smile on your puppy’s lips as he jumps onto your lap for a snuggle?

-Relish the holiness: allow yourself to drink-it-up! Lean into the blessing and savor it.

-Recount the everyday sacredness at the end of the day: journal about it. Speak it around the dinner table. Literally have the last conscious thought as you drift off to sleep be about the everyday sacred. This will allow you to marinate in the goodness as you sleep.


Let me know how the process above works for you. (Comment below).

I honor the sacred in YOU, darling!

With unstoppable enthusiasm,

P.S. When Shiloh Sophia and I talked about the CORE ESSENCE of the Dreaming in Paradise retreat we both felt one word: Sacred. Each of the women that are being called to the magic of Hawaii values creating SPACE to dream her year in sacredness. Sacred play, sacred beauty, sacred dreaming, sacred ceremony, sacred silence.

Would it serve you to spend time dreaming with us, being coached and mentored by us, and consciously creating your 2015 with us?

We are taking a very small group of no more than 13 women to Maui for 5 days of dreaming. We are also going to lounge in hammocks and play in the ocean and cruise at sunset and watercolor paint and sit in circle and coach and mentor and laugh and play and rest and journal and dream and dream and dream some more.

Go here to view the full Hawaii Dreaming in Paradise invitation.

I’d love to know how the everyday sacred process works for you, dear one!

Leave me a comment below.



  1. Valerie Cannon says:

    Good reminder — sometimes when I am being presented w/a chore that I resist (walking the dog in the cold rain, bringing in firewood for the stove, anything really), I remind myself that spirit is calling me to do this so I can SEE something. I am supposed to SEE some miracle (almost always something in nature, like your sky photo). Often it only lasts a few seconds and I would never even know it occurred if I hadn’t chosen to do this “unpleasant” chore. Your process is a bit more structured, and I’ll use it when I need it. Funny about resistance, how it always shows up and battles w/us on the way to experiencing miracles…

    • Amy Ahlers says:

      Oh-so-true Valerie. YES it is about accepting what is and releasing the resistance isn’t it. As the saying goes whenever we get in a fight with reality, reality always wins.

      So love that you decide to SEE the miracle in the moment. I will take that with me today. Thank you, sweet one!!

  2. Claudia says:

    Amy, you posted this picture today on Facebook and your Blog page… I did see an almost identical rainbow color in the sky, on my way home to Canada (on the train to the airport) after my Mom’s funeral.
    I did see it as a sign that she was still watching over me.
    It really touched me seeing this image today.
    Today marks 16 months since my Mom passed away (Aug. 3, 2013) and this picture pops up with your title line: SEARCHING FOR THE SACRED.
    Pretty cool. Thank you for this – did you take this picture, and did you take it recently?

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