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The Wake-Up Call Show: You Deserve Good Things

Dearest One,

Do you believe you deserve good things? Good people? Good money? Good love? Good health? Goodness in your life?

Perhaps it seems like a silly question at first glance. Maybe you have that voice inside you screaming, “YES I

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You Deserve All Good Things... it's true!

You Deserve All Good Things… it’s true!


Or perhaps you’re under Inner Mean Girl attack right now in this moment and you feel a resounding “I DON’T DESERVE GOOD THINGS!”

Deserving and worthiness Big Fat Lies can begin seeping in at the subconscious level. Then our Inner Mean Girls and Critics start collecting evidence of how you just don’t deserve good things.

Take a look around to see if you are:

-tolerating toxic people in your life (friends, neighbors, romantic relationships, colleagues)
-treating your body like crap (starving it, stuffing it, sinking into the couch when it craves exercise)
-allowing your house/car/office to get covered in clutter, chaos and/or filth (every time you walk in your space you feel a sense of dread)
-having financial disorganization, not knowing the truth of your money
-what else?

Any of the above are signs that you may have a core belief that you just don’t deserve to have good things in your life. See if that resonates or gives any AHAs!

For me, I’ve been looking at this Big Fat Lie and getting very curious about some of my patterns in relationships and the way I treat myself. When I allow myself to really let my Inner Mean Girl rant there is a big ole’ deserve-ability belief mixed up in there. And I’m committed to clearing that OUT of my psyche so I can attract even more goodness into my life.

How about YOU?! Let me know below.

​With unstoppable LOVE,

P.S. You truly do deserve good things![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



  1. Ethel says:

    That fits me to a t, everyone of those facts I don’t feel like I deserve any thing. Most of the time I just feel like giving up. Help¡!!!

  2. Peace says:

    Perfect Timing 4 this much needed reminder ~ Thank U
    YES ~ I Deserve Good Things Too!
    In Gratitude ~

  3. Gail Russ says:

    This is such an important topic that I feel compelled to respond. This has been one of my core issues since I have been 5 years old and I am now 72! A series of incidences occurred and I remember saying that I didn’t deserve the good in life. I have since had years of therapy and can recognize when I am not consciously loving myself and this belief has surfaced. I start tripping on things, falling, bumping into furniture, being curt with others and the like. This belief has been “behind the scenes” so to speak in all areas of my life. Thank you Amy for writing about it!

  4. G. says:

    I am in the process of improving myself; Thus, I am open to anything that facilitates this already engaged upon process.

  5. G. says:

    Yes, I deserve good things ?!

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