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The Wake-Up Call Show: The Most Important Magical Manifestation Tool for 2014

Dearest Darling One,

It’s true…I’m sending you a Wake-Up Call Wednesday on a Thursday! How ya like them apples? 🙂

You see, it’s been an intense, challenging, strange beginning of the year for me. Complete with the stomach flu for my 6 year old, a trip to the ER for my hubbie on New Year’s Day, and our rescue dog, Rocky Blue’s, return from doggie reform school with a massive follow up training regimen.

I have a lot of friends and clients who also had an intense few weeks ushering in the New Year. If you’re part of the “Weird Way to Begin the New Year Club” then know you are not alone. Sometimes we need to clear out a bunch of junk at once so we can let all the goodness flow in. Clear pipes ready for receiving for 2014! That’s what my Inner Wisdom knows.

The good news is that everyone is healthy now and that Rocky Blue is showing vast improvements. AND my belly is growing every single day with my dancing fairy of a daughter. Only 8 or so weeks to go in this pregnancy…I will get to meet this light being before I know it!

Ok, darling, now onto the most important tool to use for manifesting magic and miracles in the New Year.

It’s called Acting As If and it has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever encountered for consciously creating what you want. SARK, Edward Vilga and I used this tool at our Magical Manifestation Lunches that we did for about a year and I know it helped me call in my baby. Acting As If is part of what SARK, Dr. John Waddell and I will use throughout our upcoming Magical Manifestation Retreat next weekend.

(BTW, AMAZING NEWS! We’ve received over 123 applications for the retreat AND we are ensuring that we have the RIGHT people in the room for this intimate gathering at a private ranch in Calistoga, CA. Guess what? We have 2 magical spots open. Did The Universe save one of those spots just for YOU? Go here for the divine details and to apply now.)

Here is a step by step guide that SARK, John and I created outlining how the Acting As If process works:

Use this process anytime you want to manifest something in your life or when you want to try out a desire and vision to see if it is truly aligned for you. Physically and vibrationally contacting the experience of how it will be for you to receive your vision is a very important step to making it a reality.  So, literally stand in the place of success and act as if you’re already at the finish line.

Have fun, laugh, let loose and PLAY!

The Acting As If Magical Manifesting Process

 STEP ONE: Write down 1 or more desires that you have.

Describe them in some amount of detail. Let yourself dream and desire.  You can describe something you’re already creating or doing, or practice with something new.

Here are some examples:

1.”Publishing my book- receiving a 6 figure book advance, and offers for more”Magical Manifestation

2.”Creating a successful internet based service business”

3.”Finding a soulmate-getting married, living a great life”

4.”Releasing weight, getting into better shape, eating more healthfully”

5. “Conceiving a happy, healthy baby”

STEP TWO: Next, add some notes of expansion to each. Let yourself make stuff up and dream. Write down what you’ve always wanted to read about your desire.

Here are some examples:

1. I love that my book is so successful. It’s fun to see it in all the stores. I enjoy doing all the interviews. My life is different now that I spend my days so creatively. I enjoy…..

2. I created a plan for my business and it’s working. The business is on track for generating 6 figures this year, and 7 figures the year after. I have the resources and infrastructure to make it work.

3. I envisioned the perfect soulmate for me and have found that person and that relationship. We’re so compatible, it’s better than I even dreamed. We have adventures every day and support each other’s dreams.

4. It feels amazing to be pregnant. I feel vibrant and healthy and my belly is growing every single day. My girlfriend and I are so happy and my mom is over the moon to become a grandma!

STEP THREE: Invite 1 or more people to join you in an Acting As If Miracle Making Process.

Decide who goes first.

One person will do the timing. Depending on how much time you have, set a timer for 5-10 minutes for each person, and give 1 minute notice for wrapping up. Include 5 minutes for each person at the end to talk about their experience.

Before you begin, set some context for the time, saying something like “I can’t believe it’s June of 2014 and I _____. “Now, just one year later” or “I love that it’s 2015, 16, 17.

Referring to your notes of expansion before you begin, start talking conversationally about your desire or desires AS IF they are already in existence or happening. New things will appear to you as you speak.

As you begin speaking, go as far as you’d like with your descriptions, and notice how you’re feeling in your body as you do so. You can calibrate what you’re describing according to how it feels. You might go to the edge of believability, or you might go over the edge and beyond into pure fantasy.

Notice wherever you feel like you’re lying or going “too far” for your energetic system to handle.

Just at, or just over your line of believability is usually a good place to hang out.

For the other person or people listening, ask clarifying questions as though you know things about their desires, and you can help them expand from what they’re saying:

*I love that you _____

*How has it been to have your own TV series?

*You look so happy as a pregnant mama…how does it feel in your body?

*When you _____, it must have felt incredible.

*How did you _____what was that like?

STEP FOUR: At the end of your time, you’ll speak for 5 minutes about your experience. Describe where you feel you went too far or not far enough or what you want to say more about next time. Ask the person or people you’re playing with to share any reflections with you.

As you practice with this process, more miracles will begin to show up in your life. Your vibrations will change, and you will become magnetic to miracles and magic.

Use those miracles in your next Acting As If session.

This process is SO POWERFUL when done in person with a group of high vibration friends (this is why it will be super charged at the Magical Manifestation Retreat and it also works well by phone or Skype.

Isn’t that process SO MUCH FUN?

With unstoppable enthusiasm,


P.S. I wanted to make sure you also saw that on January 12th my self-love sister, Christine Arylo, and I are taking an amazing group of women from all over the world on a 40 day practice to release the toxic habits of their Inner Mean Girl.

It’s called the Inner Mean Girl 40 Day Cleanse and it is sure to help you start 2014 feeling filled to brim with self-love.  Over the course of 40 powerful days you’ll release toxic habits like gossip, obligation, guilt and MORE!

GO HERE for all the deets and to sign up. Can’t wait to be with you for 40 inner wisdom filled days. 🙂

I’d LOVE to hear about your Acting As If experience in the comments below OR if you’re game, write out a few lines acting as if your greatest 2014 desire has already come true.

I’d be honored to witness you!



  1. thank you for showing me this. I am happily married to the man I love. says:

    I am happily married to the man I love. It was tough for me and it has happened. Its magic !!! Wow!!

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